Skilled workers from abroad: This is how you benefit from international expertise

Foreign skilled workers are an important factor for the German labour market. In times of skills shortages and demographic change, they can be a valuable solution for filling vacancies and keeping the German economy running.

Recruiting skilled workers from abroad offers numerous advantages. On the one hand, their international experience brings a breath of fresh air to companies and provides new impulses. They often bring innovative ideas that can enrich the German market. They also often have specific know-how, which is rare in this country.

Another plus point is the intercultural competence of the foreign specialists. Their different cultural backgrounds open up new perspectives when dealing with customers and business partners on an international level. They thus contribute to the internationalization of companies and improve their competitiveness.

Benefits for companies

  1. Diverse perspectives: By employing specialists from different countries and cultures, a pool of different ways of thinking and experiences is created within the company. This enables the development of new solutions and innovative ideas.
  2. International networkForeign specialists often already have a broad professional network that they can use to establish business contacts in their home country or expand existing relationships. This opens up new opportunities for German companies on an international level.
  3. Cross-language and cross-cultural competence: Employees from Eastern European countries, Baltic, Asia or Africa have intercultural skills that help them to communicate effectively across language barriers. This is particularly important when negotiating with customers or partners abroad or when building a multinational team within the company.

Advantages for skilled workers from abroad

  1. Expansion ofcareer opportunities: For many qualified specialists, working abroad is a chance to gain new experience. They can significantly expand their career opportunities and acquire valuable skills that will benefit them in the future.
  2. Cultural enrichment: Living abroad allows professionals to get to know a new country and discover new culture. This is not just about learning a new language or traditions, but also about acting independently in a foreign country and acquiring a completely different attitude to life. This intercultural competence is an important quality that many companies value highly today.
  3. Personal development: Professionals in the international job market have the unique opportunity to advance their personal growth. In addition to professional development, they can also benefit personally from their experiences.

Which skilled workers are missing on the German labor market?

The German labor market is facing a major challenge: There is a lack of qualified specialists in various areas. Employees are urgently needed, particularly in technical professions, healthcare and the IT sector. 

  1. Technical professions: the shortage of engineers, electricians , locksmith, welders and electronics engineers is particularly noticeable. Many companies have difficulty filling vacancies and therefore need support from abroad.
  2. Healthcare: here, too, there is a great need for medical staff such as doctors , nurses or therapists. The increasing number of older people leads to an increased need for care that cannot currently be met.
  3. IT sector: in times of digitalization, information technology experts are in demand like never before. Knowledge of programming languages, artificial intelligence or cybersecurity is indispensable these days. Here too, specialists with international expertise can be a great asset and cover part of the need.

Finding foreign skilled workers - with us as your recruitment agency

Foreign skilled labour is an important resource on the German market. They bring with them the necessary expertise that is difficult to find in Germany itself. Attracting them is therefore a great opportunity for companies in Germany to strengthen their competitiveness and develop innovative solutions.</span

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The challenges

  • Language barriers
  • Bureaucratic hurdles
  • Recognition for qualifications acquired abroad
EU subcontractor

Of course, there are also challenges when integrating foreign skilled workers into the German labor market. Language barriers must be overcome to ensure smooth communication. Both employers and employees should receive appropriate support here, for example through language courses or intercultural training.

In addition, bureaucratic hurdles must be reduced in order to make it easier for foreign skilled workers to enter German professional life. An efficient recognition process for qualifications acquired abroad is of great importance here.

Overall, skilled workers from abroad can be an enrichment for the German labor market. Active recruitment and targeted integration therefore makes sense in order to strengthen the competitiveness of German companies in the long term. It is up to all of us to recognize and seize these opportunities.

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