Production logistics - Industrial services with personnel from Eastern Europe

Are you looking for experienced personnel for production logistics? We, Zeitarbeit International, have many years of experience in recruitment for industrial companies. Our workers from Eastern Europe master the transport, sorting and storage of materials and parts, residual and recyclable materials or load carriers. Our subcontractors and temporary workers from Poland, the Baltic States, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia will support you throughout the value-added process: from the collection of raw materials and supplier products to interim storage and production supply and disposal to the packaging of the finished product. Our hard-working workers from Eastern Europe also take care of the collection and fractionation of residual and recyclable materials.

Looking for production logistics staff? We will find experienced subcontractors and temporary workers for you from Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia or the Ukraine. Our subcontractor teams are experienced, competent and have the necessary equipment.

Our range of services in production logistics:

As an experienced recruiter in production, experienced subcontractors and temporary workers mediate for the secondary processes of production logistics. Our range of services includes:

personnel for warehousing and logistics

Warehouse management

We take care of the complete control of materials and information from incoming goods to outgoing goods and shipping. With our staff from Eastern Europe, we guarantee professional and efficient storage of goods.

Commissioning and sequencing

Our temporary workers from Eastern Europe take over the assembly of vendor parts and other components for your production order. In addition to the actual picking or sequencing, they also take care of labelling, scanning and, if necessary, packaging.

Empties management

Our workers from Eastern Europe reliably and competently take over delivery, removal and storage. We take care of the storage and sorting of goods as well as the thorough cleaning of empties. Our workers from Eastern Europe also take care of condition checks and the separation of damaged load carriers.

Internal transport

Our workers from Eastern Europe take care of the transport within your plant. Our intelligent logistics solutions ensure smooth operations and quality of work. 

Residue management

Residual and recyclable materials generated in industrial production are collected, transported, fractionated and made available for recycling by our workers from Eastern Europe. In addition, we take care of the professional management of the in-house collection point for the residual and recyclable materials.

Deposit logistics

We take care of the entire warehouse logistics: the operation of logistics facilities, such as the management of modern high-bay shuttle warehouses and high-bay racking systems, as well as the automated warehouse organisation with necessary warehouse management software. In addition, we organise shuttle transport between the production site and the logistics facility according to customer requirements.

Personnel for production logistics with us as a partner

Are you looking for competent and experienced personnel for production logistics? With our help you will find staff for situation management, order picking, sequencing, empties management or internal transport. We provide subcontractors and qualified temporary workers from Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and the Ukraine. In addition, we place production workers from Eastern Europe for the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, logistics, production helpers for packaging, sorting, cleaning from Poland and Eastern Europe. We take care of the entire process: organization and administration as well as the form and approval system.

We take care of all logistics activities for you, such as transport or warehousing. We see ourselves as a long-term cooperation partner in production logistics so that you can concentrate on your core processes.

With 20 years of experience in personnel management, we are your experienced partner in the fields of recruitment, employee leasing, temporary employment and subcontracting from Eastern Europe and the Baltic States.

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