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Temporary Work International is your personnel service provider specialising in the secondment of workers from Croatia, Czech Republic, Craftsmen from Poland and Temporary work from Eastern Europe is specialised. We place temporary workers, subcontractors, craftsmen, temporary workers and staff from Croatia for industry, crafts, production, warehouse & logistics, forwarding. Our temporary workers from abroad have the best professional qualifications and language skills.

Requirements for temporary work Croatia:

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Why employee leasing Croatia?

With the growing shortage of skilled workers in Germany, Croatian temporary workers and subcontractors are becoming very important. Thus, nowadays temporary workers from Croatia, Craftsmen from Poland, production workers from Czech Republic or Lithuania a real alternative to German staff. With the growing German economy, the shortage of skilled workers is increasing, especially in industry, production, logistics and crafts. This poses a major challenge for the entire labour market. With a temporary worker or Subcontractor from Croatia, there is the possibility of counteracting this shortage and solving the problem with trained skilled and unskilled workers from abroad. Especially in industry and construction, workers from Eastern Europe are absolutely needed. Various professions are in demand on the German labour market: engineers, mechanical engineers, painters, varnishers, roofers, fitters, welders, electricians or plumbers, but also unskilled workers for factories and production facilities. 

Are you looking for temporary workers for your project? Contact us per Enquiry form or by telephone under +49 94128052292. We are your reliable partner when it comes to employee leasing in Eastern Europe.

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Benefit from our experience in employee leasing Croatia.

Temporary Work International For 20 years, we have been supporting German companies in the field of personnel leasing & Employee leasing and offers individual personnel solutions for the areas of Industry, Production, Logistics, Construction.  

Are you also looking for skilled workers for your company? Then commission us with the appropriate search for qualified workers from Croatia and Eastern Europe. Let craftsmen, professional drivers and truck drivers work for your company and take advantage of the possibilities that the current legal situation offers with regard to the Employee leasing of labour offers.

We from the company Temporary Work International We take care that your employee leasing with all documents and approvals, social insurances and taxes runs legally secure and fast.

Our team takes care of the organisation, logistics, transport and accommodation of the workers on site. Rely on our experience so that you can concentrate on your business.

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We provide your company with Croatian skilled & unskilled workers from various industries:

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Advantages of temporary work from Croatia

Temporary employment from Croatia to Germany is a viable solution to cover the shortage of skilled workers in Germany. International temporary work gives you the opportunity to adapt your company to the constant changes in the market and brings with it several advantages:

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We are your strong partner in the areas of international temporary employment, Subcontractor Mediation, Recruitment, Employee leasing, Temporary work from Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland & Eastern Europe. We offer you a complete cost package and take care of the entire process. Our personnel leasing services are carried out according to your requirements and in compliance with legal regulations, deadlines and agreements. Our services include organisational and administrative tasks as well as the necessary forms and permits.

Finding the right workers from Eastern Europe in the right place at the right time

Are you looking for personnel? We place skilled workers and simple helpers from almost every  

Are you looking for personnel? We place skilled workers and simple helpers from almost every  

Are you looking for personnel? We place skilled workers and simple helpers from almost every  

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