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Temporary workers from Romania are often used in Germany. Temporary work is therefore a solution to counteract the shortage of labour in Germany. Temporary workers from other Eastern European countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary and Ukraine are also a tried and tested means of meeting the demand for skilled and unskilled workers. Temporary workers from Romania are particularly welcome, as they are familiar with the German culture and language and have often already gained experience in the German labour market.

Temporary employment agencies in Romania have an enormous supply of low-cost labour. We, Zeitarbeit International, place Romanian temporary workers for the most important sectors: locksmiths, welders, electricians, construction workers, production workers or warehouse workers from Romania. Make a personnel inquiry and benefit from the cheap temporary work in Romania. We support you with this.

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Recently, many jobs in Germany have been carried out by temporary workers from Romania. Romanian temporary workers & subcontractors are currently in high demand on the German labour market. This is because the lack of qualified skilled workers in Germany, absences due to illness or holidays are causing deficits. The temporary employment agency sends trained and qualified workers from Romania to Germany on a scheduled and project-related basis. 

Romanian temporary workers work in a motivated and cost-effective manner. Temporary work Romania offers German companies room for manoeuvre and flexibility in terms of time. Furthermore, the statutory pension as well as all other social benefits are paid by the temporary employment agency in Romania. The German client has nothing to do with formalities, permits or recruitment. We do it for them and take care of the entire process: organisation, administration, work permits, licensing, accommodation, food and travel. 

Posting Romanian workers to Germany is associated with minimum requirements, regulations, rules and reporting obligations. We are familiar with the legal requirements and offer legally secure employee secondment to Germany. 

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Zeitarbeit International has been supporting German companies in the field of personnel leasing and temporary employment for 20 years and offers individual personnel solutions for the areas of industry, production, logistics and construction.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for German companies to find suitable workers and candidates. The Eastern European countries such as Romania, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovenia have a large number of highly qualified workers who would like to work in Germany.

We place temporary workers and subcontractors from Romania, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We also place motivated and experienced craftsmen, electricians, locksmiths, welders, hard-working production workers and logistics staff in Germany from other Eastern European countries such as Croatia, Hungary and Ukraine. In doing so, we use service providers who enable us to provide temporary workers from abroad.

Romanian temporary employment agencies support us with their many years of experience in the secondment of Romanian craftsmen and unskilled workers. With our highly qualified temporary workers & subcontractors from Romania and Eastern Europe, we help to bridge staff shortages in Germany safely and cost-effectively.

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Temporary work from Romania is a good contemporary solution. Temporary work gives you the opportunity to adapt your company to the constant changes in the market. Temporary work does not always mean a temporary assignment - it can also be temporary or seasonal work. 

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