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Temporary Work International is a recruitment company specialising in the supply of temporary workers from Lithuania and Eastern Europe.
In many German companies, especially at peak production times or in a season, there is often a shortage of labour and a surplus of orders. For an employer, this means a lot of money and hassle. This problem can be eliminated by using workers from Eastern Europe. They are inexpensive and can be borrowed for a certain period of time from a temporary employment agency abroad. Many temporary workers from Lithuania speak German and have already gained experience as temporary workers in Germany. We, Zeitarbeit International, offer you temporary employment Lithuania. We place workers from Lithuania for Industry, Production, Logistics, forwarding and Construction

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Temporary Work Lithuania Germany

More and more German companies are looking for temporary workers from Eastern Europe. Temporary workers from Lithuania, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic can compensate for a lack of employees in a company in Germany and help out with staff shortages. This applies not only to seasonal companies, but also to companies where an employee is absent due to an accident or maternity leave, for example. With temporary work from abroad, German companies save on employee recruitment and administrative costs.

If you are looking for temporary workers from Eastern Europe: Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia in the field of temporary work or contract work, then we have the right employees for you. Industry, Production, Logistics, Forwarding & Craft. Workers from Eastern Europe are willing to work in Germany for less money than German workers. 

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Temporary Work International For 20 years, we have been supporting German companies in the field of personnel leasing & Employee leasing and offers individual personnel solutions for the areas of Industry, Production, Logistics, Construction.  

We take care of hiring out workers from Lithuania to Germany. Our aim is to hire motivated workers from Lithuania and lend them to German companies. We take care of the entire process: recruitment, organisation, work permits, salaries, rent as well as the transport of the temporary workers on site. Often, temporary workers from Lithuania are taken on by German companies after a good job. If this is the case, we assist in taking over the temporary worker. Otherwise, the temporary worker from Lithuania is lent by our agency to other companies in Germany.

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We provide your company with skilled & unskilled workers from Lithuania in various industries:

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Temporary workers from Lithuania Costs

If you want to save costs as a company, you should make use of temporary work in Eastern Europe. Because with temporary workers based on temporary employment from Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Romania you can save your personnel costs. With temporary workers from Poland or Eastern Europe, costs will be lower because they are not protected by a collective agreement. They are not entitled to paid benefits such as holidays, health insurance, continued payment of wages in case of illness. Furthermore, they are not entitled to unemployment insurance either.

Another cost advantage is that you do not have to pay social security contributions for Polish temporary workers. This brings with it an enormous cost saving. To ensure that your work is carried out to your full satisfaction, you should make sure that your temporary Polish workers are carefully selected. We only place hard-working, honest and reliable workers from Poland. We place workers for the following industries: Automotive industry, mechanical engineering industry, chemical industry, electrical industry, food industry, logistics industry.

Advantages of temporary work from Lithuania

Temporary work from Lithuania is a good contemporary solution. Temporary work gives German companies the opportunity to adapt to the constant changes in the market. The advantages of temporary workers from Lithuania in Germany:

This is how the employee leasing process works in Lithuania

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