Production assistants for bakeries

We provide hardworking production assistants for large and small bakeries as well as factories for industrial bakery production.

Production assistants for bakeries and the food industry wanted?

Are you looking for production workers or production assistants for bakeries or the food industry? We at Zeitarbeit International place production assistants from all sectors. Our employees from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Ukraine like to work, are hardworking and ready to work at short notice.

Tasks of production assistants in the bakeries

Production assistants in a bakery play an important role in the production of baked goods. Their tasks can be varied and depend on the size of the bakery, the production volume and the specific requirements of the company. Our production assistants perform the following tasks:

Production worker bakery

Temporary employment for production assistants

Employee leasing from Eastern Europe is popular with our long-standing customers in Europe to cover production peaks, be it during the holiday season or if your company is short of staff at short notice.

Placement of temporary workers for production is our strength. Hungarian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian but also Polish temporary workers are happy to work in the food industry and can also travel there as a couple. Send us a no-obligation enquiry for temporary staffing and employee leasing from Eastern Europe: Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic or Ukraine.

Our seconded employees speak German or English if necessary and have their own vehicles with them. Our company takes care of suitable personnel for your company. Recruiting is our strength. Employees from the Baltic States or Hungary and Poland are ready to work at short notice.

Are you looking for staff for the production of food, foodstuffs and generally production staff from Eastern Europe? Then contact us. We offer you all licenses and points with reliable employees and staff from Eastern Europe. Our seconded employees are hardworking and like to work diligently at all times and in shifts. We take care of clean accommodation and logistics, so that the temporary workers come to work motivated and reliable.

Advantages of production workers from abroad

German companies can expect several advantages from employing production workers from abroad:


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Find production assistants with us as a partner

We, at Zeitarbeit International, are your reliable personnel service provider when it comes to temporary employment, contracts for work and services or personnel placement from Eastern Europe. Our diligent workers from Poland, Baltic States, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic , Bulgaria, Turkey as well as Ukraine we place individually according to your requirements and ensure compliance with legal regulations, deadlines and agreements. We take care of the organisation, licensing, contracts, transport and accommodation of subcontractors from Eastern Europe on site.

We are always looking for good entrepreneurs to work with us. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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