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Craftsmen, Production Workers, Construction Workers, Locksmiths & Welders from Hungary

Temporary workers from hungary

Hungarian Temporary Workers for Industry, Production & Trade

Are you unable to find qualified employees for your skilled worker positions? Do you also need trained specialists or assistants from abroad? We provide you with motivated and committed specialists from Hungary in the sectors of industry, logistics, production, electricians, locksmiths, welders, craftsmen from Poland, painters/varnishes, but also production workers and logistics workers.

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Employee leasing Hungary

Labor leasing Hungary has gained importance in the last 10 years. The number of temporary workers in Hungary has more than tripled in this period. Qualified personnel are urgently needed in Germany. We, Zeitarbeit International, offer solutions to cover your personnel needs with the help of temporary work from abroad, personnel leasing, work contracts and personnel recruitment from Hungary.

Temporary employment is permitted by law in Hungary. An official permit must be obtained for the transfer of temporary workers from Hungary to Germany. The employer must apply to the labour office for a permit and this application must be approved by the labour inspectorate before the worker can be hired out. 

In the context of an employee leasing Hungary, the employees of a company in Hungary are posted to Germany. For this purpose, the German employer should fill in a permit to provide services and submit it to the labour inspectorate. The permit is issued before the labour inspectorate and sent to the employer. 

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Temporary work International has been supporting German companies in the field of personnel leasing & employee leasing for 20 years and offers individual personnel solutions for the sectors industry, production, logistics, construction.

For well-trained and motivated employees from Hungary, we offer temporary employment for various activities in Germany. We work together with Hungarian temporary employment agencies to quickly and reliably recruit Hungarian temporary workers for various industries. We place Hungarian workers as logistics employees, production assistants, manufacturing employees, forklift drivers, painters and varnishers as well as in the fields of CNC and electrical engineering in Germany. Our Hungarian temporary workers are very motivated and well organised. Despite the foreign working situation in Germany, the Hungarian workers are open-minded and particularly hard-working.

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Temporary workers from Hungary in Germany

Are you looking for temporary staff from Hungary? Then you have come to the right place!

Temporary workers from Hungary are a good alternative for employers in Germany who need flexibility, especially in difficult economic times. If you are looking for temporary workers from Hungary or any other Eastern European country like Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia or Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team analyzes your requirements and puts you in touch with qualified and reliable skilled workers and assistants from Hungary. Do you need help? Do you have a project you would like us to support you with?

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Advantages of temporary work from Hungary

Temporary workers from Hungary are a good solution to counteract the shortage of skilled workers in Germany. Temporary work Hungary gives you the opportunity to react to the constant changes in the market. Temporary work is not always a temporary assignment - it can also be temporary or seasonal work. 

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