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Are you looking for highly qualified workers from Eastern Europe or temporary support staff for your company? As an experienced & competent personnel service provider with over 25 years of experience, we place German-speaking Workers from abroad and hard-working support staff from various sectors. We mediate Subcontractor and Temporary workerslabour from Eastern Europe. We are also specialised in Outsourcing to Eastern Europe and help you to relocate your production to Eastern European countries.

Time & cost saving

You don't have to worry about anything. We take care of the entire process: Organization, contracts, permits, travel, accommodation, meals and on-site support.

Legally compliant mediation

We only place temporary workers and subcontractors from abroad with certificates and impeccable references. Our contracts are legally compliant and secure.

German-speaking staff

Our specialists from abroad speak sufficient good German and can be used within 7 days be at the place of work.

We support you in these areas:

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Subcontractors wanted? We provide the best from Eastern Europe

Employee leasing

Finding the right workers from Eastern Europe in the right place at the right time. Personal leasing, temporary work.


We relocate your production or services abroad.


Are you looking for personnel? We place skilled workers and simple helpers from Eastern Europe

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Subcontractors or Temporary workers from Eastern Europe looking for? We have suitable Skilled workers from abroad as well as support staff from almost all sectors. We place specialists in IT, engineering and medicine,  automotive industryindustrial assembly and plant engineering, pipework constructionsteel construction,  Electrical engineering, Locksmith WeldersProduction employee, workers for the logistics & transport on the following countries in Eastern Europe:

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What our customers & partners say about us:

Zeitarbeit International has been a reliable partner for many years. The workers placed are professionally qualified and well suited to the customer's requirements. We appreciate good customer service, fast response times and thank them for their support!

Delzhofer Industrial Services

A strong partner when it comes to personnel from Eastern Europe. Fair contract conditions, transparent costs, flexibility and adherence to agreements. We recommend Temporary Work International and thank you for your many years of support.

Capella GmbH, Berlin

Thank you Zeitarbeit International, your network is unbeatable, competent customer service, fair conditions! Thank you for the great collaboration over the years!

Petkova Service

For 10 years, Zeitarbeit International has been our good, reliable partner, supplying highly qualified labour. We value their punctuality, expertise and good customer service. 

Zeitpersonal GmbH