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We place temporary workers & subcontractors, skilled workers & helpers from abroad.

Zeitarbeit International is your reliable personnel service provider with over 20 years of experience in personnel management on the European market. With us you get qualified workers from abroad as well as diligent helpers for industry, health care, solar technology, production, logistics, machine relocation. We provide subcontractors and temporary workers, skilled workers from Eastern Europe for HVAC, assembly services, industrial services, plant engineering, mechanical engineering, steel construction, pipeline construction, vehicle production, automotive. Furthermore, we are specialized in outsourcing to Eastern Europe and help you to relocate your production to Eastern European countries.

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Temporary staff or subcontractors from Eastern Europe wanted? We have suitable skilled workers from abroad as well as auxiliary personnel from almost all industries. We provide skilled workers for heating, air conditioning, plumbing, automotive, industrial assembly and plant construction, pipe power construction, steel construction, electrical engineering, locksmith welders, mechanics, mechanical engineers, production workers, workers for logistics & transport on the following countries of Eastern Europe:

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Subcontractors and temporary workers, workers from Eastern Europe are an effective means to meet the need for skilled and unskilled workers in Germany. We, from Zeitarbeit International, help you to find the right skilled workers & motivated auxiliary workers from Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria as well as Ukraine fast and uncomplicated. Our services include organization and administration tasks as well as the necessary forms and permits.

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