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Production workers from Poland and Eastern Europe

Are you looking for production workers from Poland or other EU countries? We place motivated and productive production workers from Poland, Baltic, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia or Ukraine.

Production assistants from Poland and other Eastern European countries are employed in many different industries where quality is produced. We place hard-working production helpers for our customers in the machine or metal construction, automobile industry, but also in the pharmaceutical, wood, food or textile industry. Our production assistants from Poland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Lithuania or Latvia have many different tasks. These include the procurement and care of the materials needed to manufacture a product, composition of the parts used to make a final product. The production assistants from Poland or Eastern Europe that we place also carry out the preliminary inspection of the components, take care of the cleaning and lubrication of the machines. In the process, all the work carried out is recorded in a book and the equipment is kept clean and tidy.

Our contract workers & subcontractors production workers from Poland and Eastern Europe are helpful, careful and disciplined. With us you can find suitable production workers & manufacturing employees. Furthermore, we place qualified personnel for industry, mechanical engineering, automotive industry, steel construction, industrial assembly & plant construction & logistics. With us as Personnel recruiter production you get quick solutions for staff shortages.

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Production workers placement from Poland & Eastern Europe

Our production workers from Eastern Europe: Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, Croatia etc. are hardworking production assistants in German factories and plants manufacturing products, loading machines or transporting goods as well as working on quality controls. They work on product production, in transport, in assembly or in the warehouse.

Costs for production worker placement

Are you looking for production workers from Poland or other Eastern European countries? We can help you! Thanks to our large network abroad, we can quickly and reliably find suitable production workers for you as temporary workers or on the basis of a contract for work. If you would like to make use of our production worker placement service, simply send us a request. We will then search for suitable candidates according to the criteria you specify, take care of the necessary formalities and permits, and bring the workers to your place of work. Normally, we arrange everything within 7 days. For a small fee, we do all the work around recruitment, pay all the expenses (airfare, hotel, etc.) and provide free housing for the workers while they are working for you. We also take care of all the necessary paperwork.

To get started, simply send us an enquiry with the number of production helpers you need, as well as the start date and duration of the work. We'll get back to you within 24 hours to discuss everything else about your project. What product do you manufacture? How many production workers do you need? What tasks do you want them to perform? 

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Our placement of production workers - from Poland & Eastern Europe

Zeitarbeit International is your experienced personnel service provider when it comes to the placement of production workers from Poland and Eastern Europe. We place reliable German-speaking production assistants, production workers, manufacturing employees from Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Latvia and Ukraine. We offer companies personnel placement for production & manufacturing such as fillers, production workers, assembly line workers, pickers, inspectors, packing helpers, production assistants and production managers. For assembly line work, production line quality control, packing, sorting, scanning to general helper work.

Production & manufacturing staff for temporary jobs with staff from abroad. You can request production & manufacturing staff at short notice. We reliably provide the right temporary workers from Eastern Europe.

Production & manufacturing personnel for long-term jobs. As a personnel service provider, we also place suitable workers from Eastern Europe in a wide range of industries directly with you for vacant positions.

Subcontractors from Eastern Europe give clients in Germany the opportunity to complete their projects on time and without delay. We place subcontractors for work in industry, construction, production, logistics. 

recruitment agency eastern europe

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