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Efficient outsourcing of the chemical & pharmaceutical industry to Eastern Europe

Outsourcing or production relocation to Eastern Europe in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry is being used more and more in many sectors in Germany. Which processes does your company want to carry out itself and which would be better to hand over to an external service provider? This is a very important question for companies. Outsourcing to Eastern Europe in the chemical industry is not only about cost reduction but also about process improvement along the entire supply chain and the expansion of international competitiveness.

When outsourcing to Eastern Europe, processes are rethought and complexity is reduced - the other way round, complexity reduction is not a driver for outsourcing.

Outsourcing to Eastern Europe - minimising risks through precise analyses in advance

As experienced personnel service providers, we, Zeitarbeit International, are at your side to advise you. In order to minimise risks, our outsourcing experts examine your requirements in advance and then develop an individual outsourcing concept for you without obligation. Our experienced team will work out alternative courses of action for you and support you in evaluating them so that you can later make the best decision for your company.

Our services - Outsourcing for the chemical industry

We are your reliable and professional partner for all industrial outsourcing processes to Eastern Europe. Numerous chemical companies are already among our customers at various locations in the chemical industry. We can also support your company in the following processes: 

outsourcing in the chemical industry to eastern europe

Benefit from our experience in the chemical industry:

We advise you on all processes and develop optimal solutions for you or together with you for the relocation of production in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry to Eastern Europe. We bring the necessary know-how and ensure the best quality!

Logistics outsourcing in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry - advantages

Reasons for outsourcing to Eastern Europe in the logistics sector in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, on the other hand, are mainly cost reduction, avoidance of investments, concentration on core competences and cost reduction. Increasing flexibility is also one of the most important reasons for shifting production to Eastern Europe in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

The logistics sector plays an important role in the conquest of new markets in the chemical industry. Good cooperation between manufacturers and logistics service providers contributes to the efficient implementation of customer requirements. 

95 per cent of the transport volume in the chemical industry in Germany is outsourced. When it comes not to transports but to outsourcing entire processes to Eastern Europe, the industry has so far been more reluctant, especially in the area of dangerous goods and hazardous materials logistics. Trust us: with production outsourcing to Eastern Europe you reduce your costs and produce more flexibly & increase plant availability!

Relocating production to Eastern Europe - with us as your outsourcing partner

As an experienced personnel service provider with over 20 years of experience in personnel management in Eastern Europe, we are very well networked with the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as in the automotive industry. For years we have been fulfilling orders from the largest chemical companies in Germany and Austria. Our partner companies in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania or Bulgaria enable us to reliably and competently relocate your production facilities and logistics processes to Eastern Europe. This enables us to support you in chemical production and thus optimise your product costs as well as the entire processes. When outsourcing to Eastern Europe in the chemical industry, we rely on modern technologies and automation techniques.

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