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Contracts for work

Contracts for work with personnel from Eastern Europe

Contracts for work or so-called service contracts from Eastern Europe are an alternative to temporary work from Eastern Europe. They are used by subcontractors from countries such as, for example Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine or the Slovakia very popular. In many sectors, work is done on the basis of a contract for work and services. Even in the automotive industry, a contract for work and services is no longer a rarity. Be it production workers, forklift drivers, production workers, logisticians or development service providers - the personnel placed by a contract for work and labour take over activities that are part of the core business of the automotive industry. 

In the automotive industry, highly qualified employees are needed for development and process optimisation, and simple tasks, e.g. manual reworking of components, are outsourced. Within the framework of a contract for work and labour, we place workers from Eastern Europe for shipping, Logistics, Production logistics, machine condition for series production (punching, stamping, bending), quality control, etc.

Contracts for work in the automotive industry are popular when the need for labour should be covered without financial risks. We, Zeitarbeit International, provide you with qualified skilled personnel as well as hard-working auxiliary staff, production assistants from Eastern Europe, especially from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Latvia and Ukraine. Due to the shortage of skilled workers in Germany, the contract for work with personnel from Eastern Europe is an ideal solution. We have a broad network in Eastern Europe so that we can meet your need for work contractors quickly and to your full satisfaction. 

Contract for work in the automotive industry

The business model of the contract for work plays a very important role in the automotive industry today. The largest locations of the car industry in Germany are Munich, Stuttgart, Wolfsburg and Leipzig. Porsche and BMW are mainly produced there. Contracts for work and labour in the automotive industry, temporary workers or subcontractors from Eastern Europe have played the most important role there since the very beginning. More than 4,000 contract workers work at the car manufacturing plant in Leipzig, as well as more than 1,000 temporary workers. A large proportion of them come from Eastern Europe.  

The number of contracts for work in the automotive industry is actually very high. They are concluded with various companies that take on different work in vehicle production. For example, the employees of Rudolph Automotive take over the delivery of parts to the production line, the disposal of the press and the supply of raw materials to the body shop. Other companies also provide support in vehicle assembly, engine construction, etc. These are mainly the work contract partners, companies that work in the automotive industry on the basis of a work contract. 

We as a reliable personnel service provider

Contracts for work and services as a form of contract have several advantages. With a contract for work and services, you agree on a specific service with the foreign contractor for which you pay a certain remuneration. The services owed under a contract for work and services are usually the production of the work and the payment of a fee. If your contractual partner does not perform this service for various reasons, you are not obliged to pay. This distinguishes contracts for work and services from normal employment relationships. You also do not have to pay taxes and social security contributions to the state, and you do not have to worry about aspects such as holidays.

Zeitarbeit International is your reliable service provider when it comes to work contracts in the automotive industry. Thanks to our large network in Eastern Europe, we are able to quickly and easily find suitable personnel from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary or Romania for your project. 

Are you looking for subcontractors or temporary workers for the automotive industry from Eastern Europe? 

The legally secure contract for work in the automotive industry

A contract for work and labour with workers from Eastern Europe must be drawn up in accordance with the regulations of the respective country.

In the contract for work and services, the subcontractor from a foreign country in Eastern Europe and the main contractor agree that a previously agreed work will be carried out successfully and without defects for a certain amount of the contract for work and services. Parts such as the bill of quantities and the construction description are fixed components of the contract for work and services.

Subcontractors from Eastern Europe are independent companies that provide services in the automotive industry, automotive, part production, logistics, transport industry, but also in the service sector. 

The contract for work and services always exists only between the main company awarding the partial services and the subcontractor.

Minimum wages

No matter whether we are talking about car builders, production helpers, fitters or production workers in the automotive industry or automotive industry under a contract for work or simple helpers, warehouse logisticians and forklift drivers from Eastern Europe and countries such as Poland, Romania or the Czech Republic, our motto is the employees from Eastern Europe must be paid properly.

Social security

Subcontractors from Eastern Europe must have a registration certificate for social security.

Declaration to customs

If a subcontractor sends workers to Germany, he is therefore obliged to make a customs declaration.

A1 certificate

If a self-employed entrepreneur from Eastern Europe carries out a contract in another EC country that is not expected to last longer than 24 months, he or she can remain covered by social security in his or her home country and receive a so-called "social security allowance" for this. A1Certificate

Contract for work - with us as your partner

If you need more information about contracts for work and labour or personnel services, our experienced team will support you. No matter what topic you are interested in, we offer you an overall concept, whether it is a contract for work or the Temporary work for the automotive industry all the way to a planned Outsourcing in other European countries. We support you in relocating production to Eastern Europe to production or other personnel assignments throughout Europe as well as in the countries that currently border the European Union. You save high wage and ancillary costs. We discuss your project, our network finds the right partner in Eastern Europe for you, who successfully implements your visions and projects. Save time and money and take care of your core business. Your project or your personnel assignment at home or abroad will be supervised and supported by experienced and German-speaking project managers on site. Whether it is the logistics or the accommodation of the employees or temporary workers from Eastern Europe, we ensure a successful cooperation. We would be pleased to invite you to our office in Prague or Bratislava. Our representative office in Germany in Grainau - the beautiful Zugspitz village in Bavaria - will also be pleased to welcome you. We are looking forward to your visit.

We are your contact when it comes to Contracts for work, Temporary work, Outsourcing and Personnel services from Eastern Europe goes.