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Electronics technicians are in great demand in Germany. They work in the production halls of factories and are responsible for the maintenance and repair of electronic devices. Due to the shortage of skilled workers in Germany, many companies work together with skilled workers from abroad. Are you looking for temporary workers or subcontractors for electronics technicians? We place well-trained, qualified personnel from Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Eastern Europe. Ask without obligation. Our electronic technicians speak German and can be at the place of work within 7 days.

Electronics technician - fields of activity

Electronics technicians are in demand in all areas of the economy. Security technology, telecommunications, the energy industry and medical technology are just a few areas that rely on the expertise of electronics technicians.

Electronics technicians work on electrical systems and equipment, manufacture them, install them and monitor their operation. Their tasks also include maintaining and repairing equipment and preparing technical documentation. 

Another important area of ​​responsibility is the assembly of new machines and systems, electrical installations. To do this, they plan and program the necessary electronic control, regulation and safety systems. In addition, they check the function of the systems and check the installation for completeness and functionality.


Subcontractor Electronics Technician

Subcontracted electronics technicians are experts in dealing with electrical systems and machines. They have extensive knowledge of electrical circuits and in the installation of components. With their ability to solve complex problems quickly, they can be a valuable support for your project.

There are different types of subcontracted electronics technicians: some work as subcontractors and repair equipment or install components; others specialise in the design and development of products; still others work as consultants or design software for electronic systems. To find a suitable subcontracted electronics technician, you should first find out about the different specialisation options and which one best suits your needs.

We only place experienced subcontractors electronics engineers from Poland, Romania, Hungary or Ukraine with top references. 

We place certified electronics technicians from Eastern Europe for:

Temporary worker electronics technician - Advantages

Temporary work is a flexible working model that allows companies to respond quickly to demand. There are several advantages to using electronics technicians as agency workers. Temporary workers can bring in their expertise immediately and make a difference. They can also work on a project basis or just temporarily in a company, depending on their preferences. 

Another big advantage is job security: Since temporary workers are electronics technicians for different companies, they have no fear of an uncertain future. In terms of wages, they also have a good chance of receiving a decent salary, as they have sufficient experience.

To summarise, that Elektroniker have many advantages as a temporary worker - especially flexibility, job security and a good salary. If you are looking for temporary workers electronics engineers, then inquire without obligation! We are happy to help!

We offer:

Legally compliant mediation

We only place workers from Eastern Europe with permits, impeccable references and clearance certificates. Our contracts are legally compliant and secure.

Time & cost saving

We provide certified doctors, nurses from Poland & Eastern Europe with high professional qualifications at the best price-performance ratio. We also cover costs for accommodation, meals, travel, separation allowances.

German-speaking electricians

Our temporary workers & subcontractors speak German well enough because they have already worked in Germany. For large projects, we also send German-speaking coordinators.

Recruitment procedure

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Recruitment electronics technician

Are you looking for an electronics technician? Then you have come to the right place! Recruitment agencies offer you a wide range of options for finding your dream employee. Our specially trained recruiters will help you find the right electronics technician to suit your requirements. Thanks to our large network in Eastern Europe, we can offer you the best possible selection of qualified electronics technicians. We make sure that all applicants have the necessary qualifications so that they can be integrated into your company quickly and efficiently. In addition, our personal consultation offers further advantages: We ensure that all applicants have the necessary wealth of experience for the respective position.

Even after the placement, we will continue to be at your side: if you have any questions or problems or need support, our recruiters will be happy to assist you and help you integrate the newly recruited employee into the team.

So if you are looking for the perfect Electronics Technician - either as a permanent employee or as a freelancer - then you should definitely use the services of us! With our professional Electronics Technician recruitment service, you will get the best possible option for your needs - all without stress or wasted time!

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