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As an experienced personnel service provider, we place qualified German or English-speaking engineers from abroad. Thanks to our large network, we have more than 100,000 specialists in the field of occupational safety, Mechanical engineering, automation technology, Automotiva, industrial assembly, aerospace technology and plant engineering within a very short time recruit for you. We recruit qualified personnel from Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Baltic StatesBulgaria, Turkey and Ukraine. We pay attention to modern qualifications in engineering specialists and successfully find competent safety engineers for you. 

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Who are occupational safety engineers?

Occupational safety specialists are engineers who have specialised in the field of occupational safety. They combine their engineering expertise with knowledge of safety standards to create safer working environments and prevent accidents at work. They are also involved in the design of safe and ergonomic workplaces and ensure that legal provisions on occupational safety and accident prevention regulations are implemented. If accidents occur at work, they assess the accident site and adapt procedures and workplaces to prevent the risk of a recurrence.  

Occupational safety engineers can work in a variety of industries and fields, including manufacturing, healthcare, oil and gas, and aerospace. In addition, safety engineers are hired by companies in the construction and architecture industries and work for the chemical and plastics industries. There are also numerous vacancies for occupational safety specialists in the automotive and engineering industries. Occupational safety specialists are also employed in the textile industry, the energy sector and departments of public administration and social security. 

Tasks of safety engineers

  1. Risk assessment and managementIdentification of potential hazards in the workplace and assessment of the risk to employees. 

  2. Development of security guidelines and procedures: Occupational safety specialists draw up safety guidelines to ensure that employees can work safely.

  3. Design of safety-compliant workplaces and systemsIntegration of safety aspects into the design and construction process of workplaces, machines and systems in order to minimise potential hazards.

  4. Training and training programmesDevelop and deliver training to employees to inform them of safety policies, procedures and practices and encourage safety-conscious behaviour.

  5. Accident investigation and analysisInvestigation of accidents at work and work-related illnesses in order to determine the causes and recommend measures to prevent similar incidents.

Qualifications & skills of our occupational safety specialists

Our occupational safety specialists from abroad are highly trained and have a degree in engineering or technology. They also have the analytical thinking skills to analyse issues strategically and evaluate information. They also have sound legal knowledge of accident prevention regulations and labour law, as well as the ability to use MS Office applications to create key figures and reports. Our occupational safety engineers speak German or English and can communicate well with customers or colleagues. They are physically resilient and motivated.

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As an engineering service provider, we can help you find the right occupational safety specialists. Thanks to our large network, we can quickly fulfil your requirements.  We from Zeitarbeit International find German or English-speaking safety engineers from Czech, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria.

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FAQ: Frequently asked questions:

As a safety engineer, you are responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring measures to ensure safety in various working environments. This includes analysing potential hazards, developing safety concepts and training employees in dealing with safety regulations. They also monitor compliance with legal regulations and standards, carry out safety audits and work closely with other specialists to ensure holistic safety management. An important aspect of the job as a safety engineer is also risk assessment and minimisation as well as the continuous improvement of safety standards within the company. Through regular inspections, analyses and training, you play a key role in preventing accidents and damage to health in the workplace and creating a safe working environment for all employees.

On average, an occupational safety engineer earns around 55,000 to 75,000 euros per year, depending on experience, qualifications and location. A career starter can expect an annual salary of around €45,000, while experienced safety engineers can earn up to €90,000. Salaries can also vary depending on the industry, for example safety engineers in the aerospace industry or the oil and gas sector often earn above average salaries. In addition to their basic salary, safety engineers can also benefit from additional benefits such as bonuses or company pension schemes. Overall, the profession of safety engineer therefore offers attractive earning opportunities, especially for well-qualified specialists with the relevant experience.

As an occupational safety specialist, the average gross salary in Germany is between €3,500 and €5,000 per month. The exact salary depends on various factors, such as professional experience, the region, the employer and the industry. Beginners in this field can expect a starting salary of around 3,000 euros, while experienced professionals can earn up to 6,000 euros or more. It is important to note that the figures can vary and are negotiated on an individual basis. In addition to the basic salary, additional benefits such as bonus payments, company pension schemes and further training opportunities may also be offered. Overall, working as an occupational safety specialist offers good earning prospects and development opportunities in the field of occupational health and safety.

Yes, you can study occupational safety. There are various degree programmes and further training courses on offer in the field of occupational safety. These degree programmes teach students about legal regulations, hazard prevention, accident prevention and health protection in the workplace. Students learn how to design workplaces safely and how to minimise risks. Topics such as ergonomics, mental stress in the workplace and emergency management are also covered. A degree course in occupational safety can be completed at universities of applied sciences, universities or specialised educational institutions. Graduates of a relevant degree programme have good career prospects in companies in all sectors as well as in state institutions or employers' liability insurance associations. The demand for specialists in the field of occupational safety is high, as employers are legally obliged to ensure the safety and health protection of their employees.

In today's working world, the security of employees and information is becoming increasingly important. Safety engineers are key players in ensuring this protection. Thanks to their expertise in occupational health and safety and safety-related issues, they play a key role in preventing accidents and minimising risks. Companies value their consulting services in matters of health and safety in the workplace and in the area of fire protection. The demand for qualified specialists is constantly increasing, as safety engineers take on essential tasks to ensure compliance with legal regulations. Successful studies and appropriate qualifications are therefore essential to gain a foothold in this promising professional field. With the growing requirements for occupational health and safety, safety engineers are becoming indispensable employees for companies in various industries worldwide.

In many countries, someone who has the appropriate training and qualifications can call themselves a safety engineer. This often includes a degree in engineering or a related subject as well as specific further training in occupational health and safety. However, the exact requirements may vary depending on the country and legislation. It is important to check the relevant legal requirements to ensure that you are authorised to use the title "safety engineer".

Occupational safety engineers play a crucial role in minimising risks in companies. Through their expertise and experience, they identify potential sources of danger and develop preventative measures to avoid accidents and damage. They analyse safety risks, monitor safety standards and implement effective safety programmes that protect the well-being of employees and support company goals. With their expert advice, they make a significant contribution to minimising work-related risks and ensuring a safe workplace. Safety engineers are indispensable specialists in occupational health and safety and make an important contribution to occupational safety and environmental protection in various industries. Their proactive approach and commitment to safe working conditions make them key players in the quest for a low-risk working environment.

The tasks of a safety engineer in a company go far beyond the conventional work. These safety specialists bear immense responsibility for the safety and health of employees and for occupational health and safety. They are instrumental in providing safety engineering services and advice to ensure a safe working environment. Safety engineers play a central role in implementing fire protection measures and minimising risks in the company. With their in-depth knowledge and experience, they play a key role in ensuring that companies comply with legal regulations and prevent accidents. Their work is indispensable for the well-being of employees and the smooth running of work processes in various industries.

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