Employee leasing Eastern Europe

Employee leasing Eastern Europe

Cross-border hiring out of workers
Temporary workers from Eastern Europe

Temporary work is not only possible within the borders of Germany, but also as a cross-border supply of temporary workers. This applies to all member states of the European Union as well as the contracting states of the European Economic Area. For you as an employer, this regulation opens up great opportunities: you do not have to limit your search for suitable temporary workers to the German labour market, where there is a considerable shortage. You can also make use of qualified temporary workers and subcontractors from other European countries. Thanks to our large network in Eastern Europe, we provide Craftsmen from Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Turkey, Estonia and Ukraine.

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Why employee leasing Eastern Europe?

The advantage of cross-border labour leasing is that the foreign entrepreneur remains the employer. He continues to fulfil all obligations in this function: for example, he transfers the wages, pays social security contributions and arranges continued payment of wages in the event of illness. There is no direct employment relationship between you and the temporary worker; instead, you conclude an assignment contract with the foreign partner. You only pay for the hours that the temporary worker works for you.

This form of contract protects you from financial risks such as absences due to illness. It also relieves you of the bureaucratic burden of personnel management: the handling of a temporary employment contract is much easier than if you wanted to employ an Eastern European skilled worker.

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We as a reliable personnel service provider

As a personnel service provider, we have specialised in the cross-border supply of temporary workers from Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia, Hungary and other countries in Europe and have built up a wide range of contacts. This network guarantees a professional and quick placement of temporary workers. The Eastern European labour market is characterised by the advantage that there are many qualified employees from areas such as crafts, Construction and Industry, Logistics, Production are desperately looking for good work in Germany. All you have to do is tell us your requirements and we will find you the right temporary workers and also subcontractors from Eastern Europe. You can also contact us for short-term needs.

Are you looking for workers from Eastern Europe? 

Employee leasing Eastern Europe Requirements

Legal relationships in the case of temporary employment

A contract is to be concluded between the lender and the temporary worker from Eastern Europe. Employment contract exist. 

As soon as the temporary worker is employed in a company by a hirer, the so-called "Equal pay principle" is in force. This states that the temporary worker from abroad may work under the same working conditions as a comparable permanent employee of the company concerned. 

A so-called written agreement is concluded between the lender and the hirer. Employee leasing contract concluded. According to this contract, the hirer undertakes to temporarily provide the hirer with a worker for whom the hirer has to pay a fee to the lender.

The relationship between the hirer and the temporary worker from Eastern Europe is not regulated by contract. This does not mean, however, that the hirer has no obligations towards the temporary worker: he is just as responsible for the latter's safety at work as he is for that of his own workers.

Transfer to permanent position

For many temporary workers, temporary employment is the perfect opportunity to enter their dream job. Many workers find a way back into working life, and temporary workers from abroad can also be taken on by the user company in a permanent position. There are many advantages for the employee when they are taken on from temporary work. The temporary worker already knows the company and does not have to learn the ropes. However, it should be noted that the works council often has to agree to a transfer from temporary employment to permanent employment.

Temporary or agency workers can do a few things to increase their chances of being taken on. The temporary worker should be punctual, loyal and motivated and, of course, enjoy his or her work.

Do you want to take on a temporary worker from Eastern Europe? We will support you!

Employee leasing procedure

1. employee leasing application

Are you looking for qualified personnel to overcome a shortage of skilled workers? Do you want to find workers from Eastern Europe? We place skilled and unskilled workers from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Lithuania and Croatia. Ask Zeitarbeit International to find the right temporary workers from Eastern Europe for you. 

2. formulation of the requirements

Tell us your requirements, by phone or by enquiry form: for which activities are you looking for staff? How many workers do you need? Which qualifications are important to you? For what period of time are temporary workers from Eastern Europe needed? 

3. supply of labour

After we have recorded your requirements, we search for suitable workers from Eastern Europe for personnel leasing. We take care of the entire process and take care of the necessary forms and permits. Our workers from Poland, Croatia, Hungary, etc. speak sufficient German.

4. temporary workers at the place of work

We take care of accommodation, food and transport. The temporary workers from Eastern Europe can be at the place of work within 7 days. If you are interested in a permanent position for the temporary worker, you can of course make them an offer.