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Temporary Work International is a recruitment company specialising in work contracts, secondment, personnel leasing, hiring out of temporary workers from Poland and Eastern Europe.
The biggest advantage of temporary work for our German clients is that we take care of all rights and obligations towards the workers from Poland and take care of the whole necessary process from selection to recruitment and hiring out of workers. We base our work on existing laws and regulations that govern temporary employment in Germany.

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Temporary workers from Poland

Recently, many jobs in Germany have been carried out by temporary workers from Poland. Polish temporary workers & subcontractors are currently in high demand on the labour market.

There are many different jobs that are perfect for temporary workers from Poland. We place electricians, locksmiths, welders, construction workers, craftsmen from Poland as well as production workers, warehouse workers, poduction assistants, graders etc.

Temporary workers from Poland are motivated and very skilful. In addition, Poland borders Germany, so the journey for Polish workers will not take too long. In addition, many Polish temporary workers have families in Poland and will be happy to visit their families as often as possible.

Temporary workers from Poland have the relevant experience and German language skills, which are an advantage for carrying out the work.

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Benefit from our experience in personnel placement

Temporary work International has been supporting German companies in the field of personnel leasing & employee leasing for 20 years and offers individual personnel solutions for the sectors industry, production, logistics, construction.

In particular, we place temporary workers and subcontractors from Poland. We also place motivated and experienced temporary workers in Germany from other Eastern European countries such as Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Ukraine. In doing so, we make use of service providers who enable us to provide foreign temporary workers via employee leasing.

Polish temporary employment agencies support us with their many years of experience in the secondment of Polish craftsmen and unskilled workers. We will find exactly the Polish provider that fits your requirements. Staff shortages in Germany are bridged safely and cost-effectively with the help of our highly qualified temporary workers and subcontractors from Poland.

Temporary workers from Poland costs

If you want to save costs as a company, you should make use of temporary work in Eastern Europe. Because with temporary workers based on temporary employment from Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Romania you can save your personnel costs. With temporary workers from Poland or Eastern Europe, costs will be lower because they are not protected by a collective agreement. They are not entitled to paid benefits such as holidays, health insurance, continued payment of wages in case of illness. Furthermore, they are not entitled to unemployment insurance either.

Another cost advantage is that you do not have to pay social security contributions for Polish temporary workers. This brings with it an enormous cost saving. To ensure that your work is carried out to your full satisfaction, you should make sure that your temporary Polish workers are carefully selected. We only place hard-working, honest and reliable workers from Poland. We place workers for industry, production, logistics, forwarding and trade. 

Advantages of temporary work from Poland

Temporary work from Poland is a good contemporary solution. Temporary work gives you the opportunity to adapt your company to the constant changes in the market. Temporary work does not always mean a temporary assignment - it can also be temporary or seasonal work. 

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