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Are you looking for production assistants or production workers for industry and trade? We effectively and time-savingly place employees from Ukraine, Polandand Eastern Europe for production in the field of steel construction, industry, automotive industry, wood, mechanical engineering and plant construction. We offer you reliable temporary workersand subcontractors from abroad for your business, who you can flexibly integrate into your production.

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Production helper placement - with us as your partner

As a manufacturing company, you face the challenge of sourcing qualified personnel. However, it is not always easy to recruit workers from abroad. As an experienced personnel service provider, we help you to procure production assistants from various countries. The placement of production support staff from Ukraine, Poland and Eastern Europe is simplified by us as a recruitment agency. We ensure smooth procurement and make sure that the employees meet the company's requirements.

Zeitarbeit International offers transparent and cost-saving recruitment of production workers from Ukraine, production workers from Poland, labour from Eastern Europe for production logistics, automotive industry, mechanical engineering, machine relocation etc.

Thanks to our large network, we can specifically search for qualified production employees from Ukraine and Poland and simplify the recruitment process. We process the necessary documents and train new employees on the product as well as work safety. In addition, we, recruitment agency for production workers, help you find suitable housing for your newly recruited employees.

Advantages of production worker placement

By using production workers from Ukraine or Poland, you can not only save on personnel costs, but also benefit from their high motivation. Take advantage of the benefits of international workers and let us search specifically for suitable employees for production. 


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Personnel placement for production employees from abroad to secure production processes in your company

Are you looking for reliable and motivated production workers from abroad? Poland and Ukraine offer a large number of qualified and experienced production workers. We take care of the recruitment of production assistants, production workers, production employees from Ukraine, Poland and Eastern Europe.

Production helper tasks

Production assistants are an important part of production. They have a variety of tasks and are responsible for supporting the production workers. This includes:

  • Operating machinery and equipment 
  • Packing and shipping goods
  • Transport of individual parts in production
  • Cleaning materials
  • Processing of materials and raw materials
  • Assembly of work parts

You have to work precisely to ensure the high quality of the products. Compliance with safety and environmental regulations is also part of your job.

Production workers from Eastern Europe - Requirements

Production assistants from Eastern Europe have good physical fitness and can also work carefully under time pressure. Their quick comprehension, ability to work in a team and reliability are other important qualities that our production helpers from Poland or Ukraine bring with them. Some have already gained experience in production or have completed training in this area for production assistants. 

Likewise, our production assistants have a basic understanding of a wide range of techniques and can familiarise themselves with the standards your factory or a plant works to. In addition, many bring experience in working with machines. 

Our personnel services

Subcontractors and temporary workers, labour from Eastern Europe, are an effective means of meeting the demand for skilled and unskilled workers. We, Temp Work International help you find the right skilled & motivated support staff from Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria or Ukraine quickly and easily. Our services include organisational and administrative tasks as well as the necessary forms and permits.

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