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Are you looking for personnel for the automotive industry? Technical professions are in high demand in the automotive industry in Germany. There is a shortage of experienced workers in the automotive Production and manufacturing. Production assistants, production workers but also quality inspectors, car mechanics, graduated engineers and designers are in great demand on the German labour market. Qualified IT workers are also in demand again and again in the Vehicle production Industry wanted. 

Temporary Work International Places qualified personnel for the automotive industry from Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia and other Eastern European countries. Are the employees wanted in car manufacturing? We support the search for personnel for automotive production, vehicle construction, purchasing and materials management, research and development.

For this we offer different personnel solutions such as Contracts for work or Employee leasing, Outsourcing or service contracts. Our experienced German-speaking personnel managers take care of the recruitment, organisation, contracts as well as transport and accommodation of the workers from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania at the place of work. Our subcontractor teams from Eastern Europe are experienced, technically very competent and have the necessary equipment. Find suitable personnel for your project in the automotive industry with us.

Finding good personnel for the automotive industry - with us as your partner

Production worker in the automotive industry: car manufacturing and vehicle maintenance

Production assistants from Eastern Europe are mainly employed in the automotive industry, more precisely in the construction and maintenance of vehicles. They are mainly needed in supporting activities, for example in the production or cleaning, transport and storage of goods and machines. Production assistants from Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia or the Czech Republic are also directly involved in production.

Are you looking for hard-working production helpers or manufacturing employees for the automotive industry? We place subcontractors and qualified temporary workers from PolandCzech RepublicRomaniaSlovakia, Hungary and Ukraine. We take care of the entire process of personnel placement: organisation and administration as well as forms and permits.

With 20 years of experience in personnel management, we are your experienced partner in the areas of RecruitmentEmployee leasingTemporary work and Subcontractors from Eastern Europe and the Baltic States.

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Contract for work in the automotive industry

A contract for work and labour in the automotive industry is no longer a rarity. Personnel from Eastern Europe placed through the contract for work and labour takes on various activities that are part of the core business of the automotive industry, such as delivering parts to the production line, disposing of the press or supplying the body shop with raw materials.  More than 800,000 workers in the German automotive factories work through the staffing agency. The business model of the contract for work in the automotive industry currently plays a very large role. The largest locations in the automotive industry are Munich, Stuttgart, Wolfsburg and Leipzig. 

Outsourcing of car production to Eastern Europe

Do you want to move your automotive production and manufacturing of parts abroad to save production costs while maintaining the appropriate level of quality?

We support you in relocating production to Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary or Bulgaria.

relocation of production to eastern europe

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