Increase efficiency, reduce costs: This is how you benefit from temporary work with production workers from Poland & Eastern Europe.

Production workers from Poland, Ukraine or other Eastern European countries are in high demand in German industry. But why is that? What makes these workers from Eastern Europe so special and how can employers benefit from their know-how? In this blog we will address these questions and take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of a ... Read more

Find skilled workers for warehouse logistics or production assistants from Eastern Europe

In times of a shortage of skilled workers, companies are increasingly looking for solutions to maintain their warehouse logistics and production. One possibility is to hire skilled workers from Eastern Europe and production assistants from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Ukraine. But how do you find suitable employees and which legal framework conditions have to be observed? We help you in your search for skilled workers for ... Read more

Production workers from Ukraine

Find production workers from abroad Production workers and employees from Ukraine or Poland are very popular with our customers. Are you looking for a legally secure contract for work and labour or the classic employee leasing when it comes to assignments or personnel from Eastern Europe? We are happy to support your project when it comes to short-term and long-term assignments of personnel from Poland and the ... Read more

Recruiter Production

Recruitment in production: How to save time and nerves when looking for employees Welcome to my blog on the topic of recruitment agencies production! In this blog I will look at how recruitment agencies can be used in manufacturing and the benefits they offer. I will also discuss the challenges that recruiters face in the ... Read more