Integration of foreign skilled workers in companies

So gelingt eine gute Zusammenarbeit Wenn Sie darüber nachdenken, eine internationale Fachkraft einzustellen oder bereits Mitarbeiter aus dem Ausland für Ihr Unternehmen gewonnen haben, ist ein effektiver Onboarding-Prozess von entscheidender Bedeutung. Ein neuer Job bedeutet oft, dass man seine Heimat verlässt und sich in einem Land mit einer anderen Kultur, Sprache und neuen Regeln zurechtfinden … Weiterlesen

Placement of skilled workers from abroad

Recruitment from abroad Do you need a personalised placement service for qualified specialists from abroad? Thanks to specialised recruitment services, qualified professionals from abroad can find exciting job opportunities in Germany. This is particularly true for sectors with rapid growth and technological progress such as mechanical engineering, construction, engineering, renewable energies, healthcare and digitalisation. Germany and other EU countries are facing a ... Weiterlesen

Skills shortage among engineers: opportunities and solutions

The current situation: shortage of skilled engineers in Germany The search for highly qualified engineers today is like looking for the famous needle in a haystack. Engineers are in demand like never before, especially in the fields of civil engineering, electrical engineering and occupational safety. Companies are finding it difficult to fill vacancies in civil engineering or research. The high demand ... Weiterlesen

Legal requirements for foreign workers in Germany

Foreign labour force in Germany

Germany is constantly changing legal regulations to make it easier to bring foreign workers into the German labour market. All in order to increase the number of workers from abroad in Germany, as many jobs remain unfilled due to a shortage of skilled labour. And this can permanently hamper economic growth. The immigration of foreign workers is beneficial for both Germany ... Weiterlesen

Recruitment of foreign specialists

Successful recruitment of international talent: The approach to recruiting foreign professionals Are you a company looking for talented professionals from abroad? Don't worry, we are here to help you! Our recruitment agency specialises in the successful recruitment of international talent. With our support, you can easily find qualified applicants from different countries who ... Weiterlesen

Skilled workers from abroad: This is how you benefit from international expertise

Foreign skilled workers are an important factor for the German labour market. In times of skills shortages and demographic change, they can be a valuable solution for filling vacancies and keeping the German economy running. Recruiting skilled workers from abroad offers numerous advantages. Firstly, their international experience brings a breath of fresh air to ... Weiterlesen

Cooperation with temporary workers and subcontractors from Slovakia and the Czech Republic - across borders

In an increasingly global world, companies can drive their growth by working with temporary workers and subcontractors from Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Because in these countries there are qualified workers from different fields: Industry, production, logistics, transport. Many experienced locksmiths, welders, electricians, technicians, fitters and production assistants from Slovakia and the Czech Republic work in Germany. ... Weiterlesen

Increase efficiency, reduce costs: This is how you benefit from temporary work with production workers from Poland & Eastern Europe.

Production workers from Poland, Ukraine or other Eastern European countries are in high demand in German industry. But why is that? What makes these workers from Eastern Europe so special and how can employers benefit from their know-how? In this blog we will address these questions and take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of a ... Weiterlesen

Production workers from Ukraine

Find production workers from abroad Production workers and employees from Ukraine or Poland are very popular with our customers. Are you looking for a legally secure contract for work and labour or the classic employee leasing when it comes to assignments or personnel from Eastern Europe? We are happy to support your project when it comes to short-term and long-term assignments of personnel from Poland and the ... Weiterlesen

Find workers from Eastern Europe

Why workers from Eastern Europe are the perfect choice for your business Workers from Eastern Europe are an important factor that is increasingly influencing the global economy. On this blog we will look at the different facets of the issue of workers from Eastern Europe and find out what opportunities and challenges it presents for businesses around the world. In ... Weiterlesen