Engineer placement

Finding and retaining internationally qualified specialists with our help Recruiting engineers is crucial for companies that want to remain competitive and drive innovation. Finding and retaining highly qualified engineers plays a central role in this. The process of recruiting and integrating internationally qualified specialists is a particular challenge for every company. Legal and ... Weiterlesen

Recruitment of engineers from abroad

International engineers: The advantages of recruiting engineers from abroad Engineers from abroad play a major role on the German labour market. The recruitment of foreign engineers in Germany is becoming increasingly important in view of the current shortage of skilled labour and the global networking of companies. The range of industries that support foreign engineers in Germany extends from ... Weiterlesen

Skilled workers from abroad: This is how you benefit from international expertise

Foreign skilled workers are an important factor for the German labour market. In times of skills shortages and demographic change, they can be a valuable solution for filling vacancies and keeping the German economy running. Recruiting skilled workers from abroad offers numerous advantages. Firstly, their international experience brings a breath of fresh air to ... Weiterlesen

Attracting qualified specialists from Eastern Europe

How to place skilled workers from Eastern Europe effectively! Are you looking for qualified skilled workers from Eastern Europe? No problem! With an effective recruitment agency for skilled labour from Eastern Europe, you can find employees from countries such as Poland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Romania and recruit them for your company. There are various options available to you, such as temporary employment, labour leasing or subcontracting. Especially in industry and production, skilled workers from Eastern Europe are a valuable addition ... Weiterlesen