Find skilled workers for warehouse logistics or production assistants from Eastern Europe

In times of a shortage of skilled workers, companies are increasingly looking for solutions to maintain their warehouse logistics and production. One possibility is to hire skilled workers from Eastern Europe and production assistants from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Ukraine. But how do you find suitable employees and which legal framework conditions have to be observed? We help you in your search for skilled workers for ... Weiterlesen

Temporary work logistics

Temporary work for logistics Zeitarbeit International is your logistics expert: We have specialised in logistics for over 20 years with temporary staffing and contracts for work. Come to us and benefit from our experience and competence. Find the right logistics staff: order pickers, warehouse assistants, warehouse logistics specialists, packers, forklift drivers, warehouse managers. Thanks to our large network in Eastern Europe, we can quickly ... Weiterlesen

Personnel wanted for logistics?

Are you looking for order pickers, warehouse assistants or forklift drivers from Eastern Europe for your company or logistics centre for activities such as loading or goods handling? We are your specialist when it comes to personnel from Eastern Europe. We place unskilled workers as well as workers from simple helpers to skilled workers from Eastern Europe. We find your employees when it ... Weiterlesen