Personnel wanted for logistics?

Are you looking for order pickers, warehouse assistants or forklift drivers from Eastern Europe for your company or logistics centre for activities such as loading or goods handling?

We are your specialist when it comes to Personnel from Eastern Europe goes.

We place unskilled workers as well as workers from simple helpers to skilled workers from Eastern Europe. We find your employees when it comes to personnel from Poland, Romania, Czech Republic and also from the Baltic States goes. More about temporary work for logistics and production.

We will find the right candidate for you from all sectors. No matter whether you Production helper Whether you are looking for workers for food production or shift workers for the automotive industry, some of our staff have been with us for years and are seconded for your project. Many employees speak German or English and thus ensure a smooth deployment at our valued customers.

We are also happy to provide them with skilled workers such as Locksmith or Electrician to the engineer for their production or planned project in their company.

Our employees are also happy to work weekends or shifts to ensure your success.

We also offer reliable machine operators from Eastern Europe. In their daily work, they control and maintain complex equipment or simple machines. We mediate Production workers from Eastern Europe and skilled machine operators from Poland or Hungary.

You may be looking for carpenters or joiners for your production. We can also offer you that. Whether working with wood or metal, our employees come from all fields.

Contact us today and we will find your employee trust our experience and network.