Find skilled workers for warehouse logistics or production assistants from Eastern Europe

In times of a shortage of skilled labour, companies are increasingly looking for solutions to maintain their warehouse logistics and production. One option is to hire skilled workers from Eastern Europe and production assistants from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Ukraine. But how do you find suitable employees and what legal framework conditions need to be observed? We can help you find warehouse logistics specialists or production helpers from Eastern Europe.

How to find the right professionals from Eastern Europe

If you are looking for qualified skilled labour from abroad for warehouse logistics or production helpers, it may be worth looking in Eastern Europe. There are many talented and motivated workers there who would like to work in Germany.

There are various ways to find these labourers from abroad. One option is to use a specialised recruitment agency. Recruitment agencies in Eastern Europe often have many years of experience in recruiting labour from abroad and can help you find suitable candidates.

Another option is to become active yourself and search specifically in the Eastern European countries. To do this, you should find out about local job portals and employment agencies and advertise your vacancies there. Make sure that you formulate your offer clearly and concisely and include all relevant requirements and prerequisites. This way, you can ensure that only applicants who are really suitable apply.</span

Once you have found potential candidates, you should check them thoroughly and pay attention to their qualifications as well as their knowledge of German. It can also be helpful to have a personal interview by phone or Skype to get to know the candidate better. With a little patience and commitment, you can find qualified warehouse logistics specialists or production assistants from Eastern Europe and enrich your company with new talent.

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Outsourcing Eastern Europe

Find Production & Warehouse Logistics Specialists with Temporary Work International

If your company is looking for warehouse logistics specialists or production helpers from Eastern Europe, Zeitarbeit International is the right place for you. One of our specialisms is helpers and production workers from Poland, workers from Ukraine and Eastern Europe in general. Are you planning to deploy personnel? Then find out about the various options and don't hesitate to contact us. We offer you a reliable solution when it comes to your planned recruitment. We are your reliable all-rounder for staff from Poland and Eastern Europe. We take care of your concerns: accommodation and logistics, as well as personal support for the posted employees.</span

We offer temporary employment & contracts for work

Temporary employment, also known as temporary work, is a reliable way to support you in production in your company.

A work contract or a service contract from Poland or Eastern Europe through to employee leasing from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine are welcome by our customers.

Our motto is Temporary Work International is your partner when it comes to personnel from Europe. We support you and guarantee you flexible and short-term staff from Eastern Europe Together with our team, we stand for your success!

Whether you are looking for production helpers from Poland in the automotive or food industry or kitchen help from Slovakia, the Czech Republic or Ukraine or even chambermaids from Serbia, we are the right recruitment agency for Eastern Europe.


Outsourcing is one way to support you in your project. Relocate your production and parts of your production to Eastern Europe. We support you with our experience and expertise and are happy to provide you with an overall concept, from logistics to complete production facilities in Eastern Europe, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania or Serbia. Break new ground with us and save money like thousands of your competitors. Starting with labour and ancillary wage costs, logistics and energy costs. We will be happy to advise you.