Skilled Labour Immigration Act

Fewer hurdles for the employment of foreign skilled workers Since November 2023, the "Act on the Further Development of Skilled Labour Immigration", which consists of several parts, has been gradually coming into force. The focus here is on lowering the legal and administrative hurdles for the immigration of skilled workers from non-EU countries to Germany and thus giving these people access to the German labour market. Weiterlesen

Placement of foreign skilled labour

Germany's strategies for attracting foreign talent In an age of global interdependence, the recruitment of foreign skilled labour is crucial for many countries, including Germany. As one of Europe's economic powerhouses, Germany is increasingly recognising the value of harnessing international talent. It sees the recruitment of foreign workers as a solution to the skills shortage, cost optimisation ... Weiterlesen

Placement of skilled workers from abroad

Recruitment from abroad Do you need a personalised placement service for qualified specialists from abroad? Thanks to specialised recruitment services, qualified professionals from abroad can find exciting job opportunities in Germany. This is particularly true for sectors with rapid growth and technological progress such as mechanical engineering, construction, engineering, renewable energies, healthcare and digitalisation. Germany and other EU countries are facing a ... Weiterlesen

Skills shortage among engineers: opportunities and solutions

The current situation: shortage of skilled engineers in Germany The search for highly qualified engineers today is like looking for the famous needle in a haystack. Engineers are in demand like never before, especially in the fields of civil engineering, electrical engineering and occupational safety. Companies are finding it difficult to fill vacancies in civil engineering or research. The high demand ... Weiterlesen

Bringing skilled workers from abroad to Germany

Attracting skilled workers from abroad to Germany

The German labour market is facing a major challenge: the shortage of skilled workers. The need to attract qualified skilled labour to Germany is more urgent than ever. In this blog article, we will look at the causes and effects of the skills shortage and discuss measures for attracting and integrating foreign skilled workers. Examples of success and positive effects will be highlighted as well as the challenges ... Weiterlesen

Recruitment of foreign specialists

Successful recruitment of international talent: The approach to recruiting foreign professionals Are you a company looking for talented professionals from abroad? Don't worry, we are here to help you! Our recruitment agency specialises in the successful recruitment of international talent. With our support, you can easily find qualified applicants from different countries who ... Weiterlesen