Skilled workers from abroad

Foreign skilled workers - an important resource for companies in Germany, Austria & Switzerland

Skilled workers from abroad are an important resource for many companies, because imore and more companies in Germany are looking for skilled workers from abroad to fill their vacancies. But how do you find suitable candidates and what challenges are there in integrating them into German working life?And What about subcontractors and temporary workers from Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia? In our article we show which challenges arise here and how to master them. Learn how you can benefit from the diversity of skilled workers and which legal framework conditions have to be observed. In addition, you will learn about the advantages and risks of international employees. We also shed light on the legal framework and show how companies can develop intercultural competence to make the most of the potential of their foreign employees. Read on and become an expert in recruiting skilled workers from abroad!

More success with skilled workers from abroad!

Skilled workers from abroad have become indispensable in many sectors and companies. Especially in areas such as IT, crafts, industry, production or medicine & care, qualified workers are often lacking in this country. To meet the demand, many companies rely on skilled workers from abroad.

But not only directly employed skilled workers are recruited from abroad. Subcontractors and temporary workers from countries like Poland, the Czech Republic or Slovakia are also used in many sectors. Especially in construction- and logistics industrythese workers are often indispensable.

Challenges with foreign professionals

However, there are also some challenges to overcome when employing skilled workers from abroad. These include language barriers, cultural differences and bureaucratic hurdles in the recognition of degrees and qualifications. In order to master these challenges, good planning and organisation on the part of the company is essential. In this context, the integration of skilled workers and the teaching of language skills should be in the foreground.

Overall, however, skilled workers from abroad offer great potential for companies to combat the shortage of skilled workers and remain competitive. Successful integration of these workers can thus contribute to the company's success in the long term.

Advantages of employing skilled workers from abroad:

  • High level of professional competence that is difficult or impossible to find in Germany.
  • company is positioned internationally and can operate better on the global market.
  • Skilled workers from abroad bring with them a high level of motivation and commitment.

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But skilled workers from abroad are not only an advantage for companies. They can also make an important contribution to German society as a whole. Because through their work, they contribute to economic development and thus strengthen Germany as a business location. Therefore it is worthwhile for companies to recruit skilled workers from abroad and give them a chance. Because in the end, everyone benefits: the company, the skilled worker himself, and German society as a whole.

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