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Temporary Employment International is your logistics expert: For over 20 years we have specialised in logistics with temporary employment and work contracts. Come to us and benefit from our experience and expertise. Find the right logistics employees: order pickers, warehouse assistants, warehouse logistics specialists, packers, forklift drivers, warehouse managers. Thanks to our large network in Eastern Europe, we can cover your personnel requirements quickly and easily. Whether as temporary workers or on the basis of a contract for work and labour, we will find the right personnel solution for you.

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Logistics temporary work - with us as a personnel service provider

Close cooperation with our customers in logistics is very important to us at Zeitarbeit International. We collect your personnel requirements and regularly advise you on personnel needs and implementation. Our experienced contact person looks after you personally and implements your wishes and requirements in all aspects of employee leasing for logistics.  

In addition, we advise you on all legal provisions regarding the supply of temporary workers. 

Pickers from Eastern Europe

Personnel for logistics

You can rely on our logistics staff. After all, we take great care of our temporary workers and subcontractors from other EU countries. We provide them with accommodation and look after our workers on site, from help with dealing with the authorities to staff transport. We invest in German courses and further training so that our logistics personnel from Eastern Europe can communicate well in your company. Our logistics personnel come from Eastern Europe: from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, the Baltic Statesas well as from Ukraine and is used for the following areas:




Temporary employment logistics

The German Personnel Leasing Act (Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsgesetz, AÜG) is intended to enable companies to absorb peaks in production and workload through the flexible deployment of temporary workers. If you are short of logistics overtime at short notice, this temporary period can be bridged thanks to temporary work without having to hire employees and then dismiss them again. When using temporary workers, however, numerous legal requirements must be taken into account, which are presented below in a brief overview.

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Permission required

The supply of temporary workers as part of the economic activity of a company is subject to authorisation in Germany. The temporary employment permit is initially issued by the Federal Employment Agency for a limited period of one year. Only after three years of permitted activity in the supply of temporary workers can an unlimited permit be applied for. Temporary employment contracts concluded without this permit are invalid. In addition, the law stipulates in this case that an employment relationship is established between the hirer and the temporary worker. This regulation also places the hirer under the obligation to always check the proper existence of the transfer permit, as otherwise an employment relationship with the temporary worker is established..

Maximum transfer period

The assignment of workers is temporary and has been limited to a maximum period of 18 months. The duration of the assignment is to be assessed in relation to the employee. Accordingly, the same temporary worker may not be assigned to the same company for more than 18 consecutive months.

Equal Treatment

According to the statutory principle of equal treatment, temporary logistics workers are entitled to the same working conditions as permanent employees during their employment in the hirer's company. These include the duration of working hours, overtime, breaks, rest periods, night work, holidays and days off.

Equal Pay

According to the principle of Equal Pay, every temporary worker from abroad is entitled to remuneration at the same level as a comparable permanent employee of the hirer's company. The principle of equal pay can be deviated from by collective agreement. It is not necessary for the employer and the employee to be bound by collective agreements. A collectively agreed lower wage can also be effectively applied if the applicability of the relevant collective agreement is agreed in the employment contract. Equal pay is mandatory after a maximum of nine months of temporary employment. This means that after more than nine months of employment with the same company, every temporary worker must be paid the same wage as a comparable permanent employee.

Surrender contract

The temporary employment contract concluded between the lender and the hirer must be in writing. In the contract, the lender must declare that he has the necessary permit to supply temporary workers. The hirer shall state in the contract the specific characteristics of the work envisaged for the temporary worker and the professional qualifications required for it, as well as the essential working conditions, including pay, applicable in the hirer's undertaking for a comparable worker. If the temporary employment agency loses the required transfer permit, it shall inform the hirer without delay of the date on which the permit ceases to exist.

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