Foreign cultures, new opportunities: Why sending employees abroad is worthwhile

Welcome to our blog on the topic of posting employees abroad! In a globalised world, international cooperation is becoming increasingly important and with it the deployment of employees in other countries. But what challenges do companies and employees face? How can they prepare for a stay abroad and what legal aspects need to be considered? In this blog, we would like to give you valuable tips and first-hand experience reports to make your secondment successful. We look forward to accompanying you on this exciting journey!

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Are you posting your employee abroad? If so, you can ensure that your employees' rights and obligations are protected thanks to the European Worker Posting Directive. This directive concerns companies that post workers to a country where they are not established. It contains provisions on minimum wages, tax exemption and labour and social regulations.
In most cases, sending an employee abroad also requires a visa or work permit. Depending on where your employee is going, you may have to meet certain legal requirements or apply for special permits. So it is important to find out about the conditions before you start the assignment.
In addition, it is important to note that wage tax and social security contributions may vary depending on the country.

If possible, it is best to calculate these costs before travelling and provide them to your employee in advance. This way, your employee can plan better and be better prepared for any costs that may arise.
Ultimately, it is important to remember that it is beneficial for both parties to discuss all details of the assignment in advance. Effective communication is crucial for the success of your employee's assignment abroad!

Posting of workers - Rights and obligations of workers

If the employer sends the worker abroad to work for a limited period of time, it is important that the worker is informed of his/her rights and obligations. As a rule, your employer will ensure that the worker is provided with an employment contract in the language of the destination country. Care should be taken to ensure that there are no deviations from the existing employment contract.
The working conditions must also comply with the legal provisions of the destination country. In particular, the worker should seek advice from an expert on questions of social security and taxes. It is also important that the employer provides accommodation in the destination country or at least makes an effort to provide appropriate support.
In the event of problems on site, the employee can contact his/her employer or, in the worst case, the German embassy in the destination country.
A secondment abroad can be a great experience and improve your career prospects. However, you should make sure that your rights are protected and that everything is legally correct.

Challenges and risks when posting abroad

There are many different reasons why a company sends employees abroad. While such international experiences can be promising for your company as well as for your employees, at the same time there are a number of challenges and risks associated with the assignment.

  • Costs: First of all, as an entrepreneur, you should thoroughly weigh up the costs. It is important that you consider all financing models in advance, which include transport costs, accommodation costs and insurance premiums.
  • Legal challenges: It is important to be aware of possible legal challenges. It may be necessary to find out about local labour laws and tax laws in the country concerned. You should also be aware of whether certain visa requirements are necessary and whether it is necessary to enter into certain licensing agreements.
  • Personal challenges: Est it is equally important that you, as an employer, take into account the personal challenges that are associated with expatriation for your employees. It can be difficult to adapt in a new environment and to find your way in a foreign culture. Therefore, it is important that you help your employees to settle in and provide support wherever possible.

Finally, I would like to emphasise that sending staff abroad is a great opportunity for any company - both in terms of personal and professional development - but you also need to be thoughtful and have thoroughly considered all the risks and challenges.

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