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Recruit skilled workers from abroad: successful international talent search - this is how it works!

In today's globalized world of work, it is essential for companies to recruit specialists from abroad to meet their needs for qualified employees. But how do you find the right applicants and what steps are required to bring them to Germany? In this blog you will find all the information you need to successfully find and hire skilled workers from abroad. From recognizing foreign qualifications to applying for a visa, we support you every step of the way and provide you with valuable contacts and resources.

1. Introduction: why recruit skilled workers from abroad?

Are you looking for qualified specialists for your company? Then you should also take a look beyond Germany's borders. Recruiting skilled workers from abroad can be an effective solution to meet your needs and bring new impetus to your company. International talent not only brings fresh ideas and new perspectives, but can also help alleviate the shortage of skilled workers in Germany. But how do you find suitable foreign skilled workers and what steps do you have to take when recruiting?

An important challenge when recruiting skilled workers from abroad is the recognition of qualifications. Many applicants from abroad have different educational and professional qualifications than German specialists. It is therefore important to obtain information about recognition in the respective country and to establish contact with the relevant authorities. As an employer, you also have an important role here: support your potential employees in recognizing their qualifications and offer them all the information they need.

Another step in recruiting foreign skilled workers is obtaining a work visa. Depending on the applicant's country of origin, different regulations apply for entry and employment in Germany. Therefore, find out exactly about the legal framework and support your future employees in submitting all the necessary documents and going through the visa application process.

The recruitment process abroad also requires a targeted approach to potential applicants. Use various channels to draw attention to yourself as an attractive employer. This can be done, for example, via online job boards or international career fairs. Make sure that your job advertisements are also available in English in order to appeal to as many skilled workers as possible.

2. The importance of international talent for companies

Imagine how your company could benefit from highly qualified specialists from abroad. These international talents not only bring new perspectives and fresh ideas, but can also help alleviate the shortage of skilled workers in Germany. The importance of recruiting skilled workers from abroad should therefore not be underestimated. International specialists can make a valuable contribution to the further development of your company. Thanks to their diverse experience and knowledge, they can develop innovative solutions and provide new impulses. They are also often highly motivated and ready to take on new challenges. Working with foreign colleagues can also promote intercultural understanding within the company and improve collaboration.

3. The challenges of recruiting skilled workers from abroad

Although recruiting skilled workers from abroad brings with it many advantages, there are also some challenges that must be overcome. This includes:

  • The recognition of the qualifications of foreign applicants. There are often different standards and requirements in different countries, making it difficult to evaluate degrees and experience. Employers must therefore carefully check whether foreign skilled workers have the necessary skills and how these can be recognized in the German context.
  • Obtaining relevant information about potential candidates from abroad. Contacting suitable candidates can be a big challenge, as language barriers or different cultural practices can sometimes make the exchange difficult.
  • Obtaining relevant information about potential candidates from abroad. Contacting suitable candidates can be a big challenge, as language barriers or different cultural practices can sometimes make the exchange difficult.

Despite these challenges, it is worthwhile to recruit skilled workers from abroad. They bring new perspectives and a breath of fresh air into companies and contribute to the diversity of the workforce. Recruiting international talent can contribute to the shortage of skilled workers and enables companies to remain competitive in the global market.

5. Recruiting skilled workers from abroad - advantages and disadvantages

There are many advantages and disadvantages to recruiting skilled workers from abroad. On the positive side, there is the opportunity to find highly qualified workers, which may be difficult to find in Germany. Companies can access a broader pool of applicants, potentially attracting the best talent for their open positions. In addition, international specialists can bring new perspectives and innovative ideas to the company. They often bring valuable experience from their home countries, which can be beneficial for the company's success.

On the other hand, there are also challenges and concerns when recruiting foreign skilled workers. An important hurdle is often the recognition in Germany of qualifications acquired abroad. This step can be lengthy and complex as different institutions are involved and different criteria may apply. Employers must therefore be prepared to support this process and help their employees get their qualifications recognized.

Another aspect is the integration of foreign skilled workers into the company and into the German working environment. Language barriers could initially represent a communication hurdle, but cultural differences could also become noticeable. It is important that companies provide appropriate support to overcome these challenges and ensure successful integration.

In addition, employers must also meet the legal framework in order to be able to employ foreign skilled workers. This usually involves applying for an appropriate visa and complying with the relevant regulations. It is important to keep up to date with current regulations and maintain contact with the relevant authorities to ensure a smooth process.

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How can you bring employees from abroad?

There are various ways to hire foreign employees and bring them to Germany.

  1. Direct hiring of skilled workers from abroad. Companies can advertise job vacancies internationally and receive applications from qualified candidates. After a successful selection process, these employees can then be employed in Germany.
  2. Sending employees from abroad. During posting, an employee is temporarily sent by his employer to another country to work there for a certain period of time. As a rule, there is a posting contract between the employee and the sending company that regulates the conditions of the posting. The employee may remain subject to his or her home country law during the posting, in particular with regard to working conditions, social security and taxes, depending on the applicable bilateral agreements between countries.

  3. Employee leasing – In temporary employment (also known as temporary employment), an employee is hired by a personnel service provider and given to a third-party contractor (the customer company) to work there for a certain period of time. The employee does not have a direct employment contract with the customer company, but rather with the personnel service provider. The client company pays a fee to the staffing provider for providing the employee. The legal and labor relations are regulated by the Temporary Employment Act (AÜG) or similar laws in various countries. 

In summary, posting involves sending the employee temporarily to another country, while temporary employment involves the employee being loaned out by a personnel service provider to a customer company to work there.

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