Increase efficiency, reduce costs: This is how you benefit from temporary work with production workers from Poland & Eastern Europe.

Production workers from Poland, Ukraine or other Eastern European countries are in great demand in the German industry. But why is that? What makes these workers from Eastern Europe so special and how can employers benefit from their know-how? In this blog, we will address these questions and take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of working with them. We will also look at what factors to consider when hiring employees from Eastern Europe and how to ensure successful integration into the company.

Advantages of personnel placement - production workers from Eastern Europe

Production assistants and production workers are essential for smooth production in factories. But how do you find qualified workers from Poland and Eastern Europe? One possibility is recruitment agencies or temporary work. Especially from Poland, Ukraine or other Eastern European countries, many motivated workers come to Germany as temporary workers or subcontractors who can strengthen your team.

The advantage of recruitment agencies is that you can search specifically for suitable candidates. However, you should make sure that the person you place actually fits your company and has the required skills. 

Temporary work, on the other hand, offers you a quick and flexible solution if you need staff at short notice.
Both options have advantages and disadvantages, which is why it is important to inform yourself and weigh them up carefully. A reputable partner in recruitment or temporary employment can help you make the right decision.
No matter which option you choose, Eastern European workers can be a good choice. They are often highly motivated, work reliably and often already have experience in similar fields. So take the chance and expand your team with productive employees from Poland, Ukraine or other Eastern European countries!

Recruitment process:

  1. Production employee application by telephone or enquiry form
  2. Formulation of the requirements
  3. Placement of workers
  4. German-speaking production staff are at the place of work in 7 days
ukrainian production employees

Find production employees - with Zeitarbeit International as your partner

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