Find workers from Eastern Europe

Why workers from Eastern Europe are the perfect choice for your company

Workers from Eastern Europe are an important factor that is increasingly influencing the global economy. On this blog, we will look at the different facets of the issue of workers from Eastern Europe and find out what opportunities and challenges it means for companies around the world. In our blog, we will look at the reasons for the increased recruitment of workers from Eastern Europe, including possible advantages and disadvantages. We will also take a look at the legal framework and give tips on how to successfully work with Eastern European workers as an employer. Join us on this exciting journey through the topic of "Finding Workers from Eastern Europe"!

Find subcontractors and temporary workers from abroad

If you are looking for workers from Eastern Europe, there are several ways to find them. One option is to work with subcontractors or hire temporary workers. 

Who are subcontractors?

Subcontractors are companies that take on certain work for you as the client. They have their own employees and can also employ workers from Eastern Europe. If you work with a subcontractor, however, you must make sure that they comply with all legal requirements and treat their employees fairly. Learn more about subcontractors from Eastern Europe.

Temporary workers & employee leasing.

Another option is to hire temporary workers. In this case, the workers do not work directly for you in the company, but are placed by a temporary employment agency. Here, too, you should make sure that everything is legally correct and that the temporary workers are paid fairly. More about employee leasing >>> 

Advantages & Disadvantages

Both options have advantages and disadvantages. When working with subcontractors, you often have less effort in organising and managing the work. However, you also have less control over the working conditions of the employees. When hiring temporary workers, you have more flexibility in case of fluctuations in demand, but also higher costs. In any case, you should inform yourself well in advance and, if necessary, take advantage of professional advice to ensure that everything runs smoothly from a legal point of view and that your new workers are treated fairly.

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Find workers from Eastern Europe - with Zeitarbeit International as your partner

Temporary Work International offers you the possibility to find workers from Eastern Europe quickly and easily. Whether you need subcontractors or temporary workers from Poland or Eastern Europe, we have the right offer for you.

Thanks to our many years of experience and a broad network of contacts in Eastern Europe, we can guarantee you a fast and reliable procurement of workers. We attach great importance to quality and reliability, so that you can rely on motivated and competent employees.

In addition, we offer individual advice and support in the selection and recruitment of employees from abroad. Furthermore, we also offer support in organising accommodation, catering and transport. Profit from our personnel services and find the right workers from Eastern Europe for your company quickly and easily. We look forward to helping you with this!

Zeitarbeit International 

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