Personnel within the framework of employee leasing

Zeitarbeit International offers you skilled workers and helpers within the framework of the Employee leasing from simple production helpers such as order pickers, machine operators, shift workers, helpers from Poland, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine.

If required, we can also provide you with locksmiths, welders, metal workers and electricians. This means that your company is on the safe side with temporary work from Eastern Europe with a licence for Germany, Austria, Holland and Sweden. If required, we can send you the licences. Of course, we can also provide temporary staff in countries such as Slovakia, the Czech Republic and the entire Baltic States. Also inform yourself about the topic Outsourcing and relocation of production in Eastern Europe. Save on high wage and ancillary costs. We also take care of the logistics and produce or pack everything in our factories in Eastern Europe. With our reliable staff from Serbia and Ukraine, you may also be planning to contract out work.

Employee leasing Procedure:

  1. Employee leasing applicationYou are looking for qualified personnel to fill a shortage of skilled workers? We place skilled and unskilled workers from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Lithuania and Croatia. Ask Zeitarbeit International to find the right temporary workers from Eastern Europe for you. 
  2. Formulation of the requirements: Tell us your requirements, by phone or by enquiry form: for which activities are you looking for staff? How many workers do you need? What qualifications are important to you? For what period of time are temporary workers from Eastern Europe needed? 
  3. Cession of labourAfter we have recorded your requirements, we search for suitable workers from Eastern Europe for personnel leasing. We take care of the entire process and take care of the necessary forms and permits. Our workers from Poland, Croatia, Hungary, etc. speak sufficient German.
  4. Temporary workers at the place of workWe take care of accommodation, food and transport. The temporary workers from Eastern Europe can be at the place of work within 7 days. If you are interested in a permanent position for the temporary worker, you can of course make him an offer.

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Contracts for work with personnel from Eastern Europe

Contracts for work and services from Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania are very popular with our customers. No matter how big your project, your contract for work from Eastern Europe is, our team takes care of everything. From logistics to accommodation and on-site support for the employees.

Chambermaids and housekeeping are also an issue in Germany, as are cleaners, facility management, helpers and assistants for agriculture, chambermaids from Ukraine or Serbia.

Even if you have a need for helpers or harvest workers from Eastern Europe, Romania or Bulgaria, contact Our team will be happy to advise you and show you many possibilities.

Even in the event of bottlenecks or staff shortages in your company, we can provide you with Temporary workers like Production helper, agency workers and shift workers from Poland, Lithuania and Latvia offer.

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