Personnel from Eastern Europe

Temporary work from Eastern Europe is very popular. Our subcontractors and temporary workers from Poland, Hungary, Lithuania and Slovakia are looking forward to working in Germany. Our workers are registered with our partners in Eastern Europe and then sent to Germany. If you are looking for temporary workers or reliable employee leasing from all over Eastern Europe, please contact us without obligation and ask for a reference list and a non-binding offer.

Does your company have good experience with helpers from Poland or Romania? We are happy to support your company from unskilled workers to packers or forklift drivers from Poland, Czech Republic, Romaniaand Hungary.

Regardless of whether the employees are to be deployed at short notice, we find your staff from Eastern Europe. As a rule, the employees are ready for work within 7 days. We take care of the journey as well as the transport to work and thus ensure a successful deployment in your company. We are there for our helpers and assistants from Eastern Europe, Bulgaria, Romania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Subcontractor wanted?

Subcontractors are our strength. Tradesmen and temporary workers from all trades such as electricians, locksmiths, welders, scaffolders and mechanical engineers from Slovakiaand Czech Republic. Our subcontractors speak German and are versatile and can be deployed worldwide. We also have electricians for photovoltaic systems with our own vehicles and tools for large and small projects. Also with scaffolding Slovakian and Czechoslovakian electricians are very popular with our customers and ready to work within a few days.
We usually need one week lead time to start with your project. Our subcontractors are willing to work weekends if needed. If required, our partners can also provide you with a list of references.
With a customer-oriented approach and our experience in personnel, we offer you reliable personnel from Eastern Europe as subcontractors for temporary workers and we are happy to provide you with employees and skilled workers or helpers as part of a direct placement to take over in your company. We are also happy to send you profiles of your potential employees in German.

Posting from Eastern Europe

Sending employees from Eastern Europe is also our strength when it comes to work contracts from Eastern Europe or a work contract from Poland or other countries.
To cover order peaks or order quotas, many of our German customers like to conclude a work contract.
According to the customer's wishes, we design your contract for work and labour in a legally compliant manner, which also offers you security when it comes to the deployment of employees in your company.
When it comes to contracts for work and labour, many of our international customers prefer a strong partner who accompanies them from the beginning to the end of the project. Have we aroused your interest? Contact us without obligation and let us make you an offer.

We guarantee your company a quick availability of employees from Eastern Europe with all the necessary licences and papers so that your company is on the safe side.