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Production workers from Eastern Europe

There are many opportunities for a production worker from Eastern Europe to support the production process in all manufacturing sectors in Germany. These are physically demanding but also varied and exciting tasks such as assembly, preparing materials, operating machines, cleaning or transport. Quality control is also carried out by production workers, as well as the sorting and packaging of products.

Due to a shortage of skilled workers in Germany, many companies and factories are using workers from Eastern European countries in production & manufacturing. Zeitarbeit International has specialised in the placement of production workers, Production assistants and skilled workers from Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia and from the Ukraine. Our production workers from Eastern Europe are hard-working, physically fit and motivated. Many have already worked in Germany and speak fluent German. 

Production worker - activities

The job of a production worker from Eastern Europe is very varied. The tasks depend on the industry. Almost all industries involve the production of certain products. Therefore, production workers should be able to operate machines and equipment, monitor production, clean and pack finished products. Our production workers from Poland, Czech, Lithuania, HungaryCroatia etc. are also used in the field of quality control and monitoring, as they are experienced and reliable. But also in logistics for vehicle control and fleet planning.

Production workers are also called production assistants, production workers or production employees. Production workers do not need any training, but they are specialised in certain areas and are used for the following tasks:

Industry diversity for production workers

We place hardworking production workers from Eastern Europe: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia etc. for work in manufacturing industries, such as:

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Workplaces for production workers

Our workers from Eastern Europe take over the compilation of vendor parts for industry and other components for your production order. In addition to the actual picking or sequencing, this also includes labelling, scanning and, if necessary, packaging.
Our order pickers from Eastern Europe are also used in warehousing and product dispatch, such as in the furniture, textile, electrical or metal sectors. The main tasks of an order picker include ensuring the smooth flow of materials and goods. They are responsible for packing and shipping the products from an order.
Pickers from Eastern Europe

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Our service for the placement of production workers from Eastern Europe

We, Zeitarbeit International, are your experienced personnel service provider when it comes to the placement of production workers from Eastern Europe. We are looking for motivated and committed German-speaking production assistants, production workers and manufacturing employees for various industries. Due to the shortage of skilled workers in Germany, more and more factories and companies are using production worker placement services to recruit workers from Eastern Europe. We offer companies recruitment for production & manufacturing such as fillers, production workers, assembly line workers, pickers, inspectors, packing helpers, production helpers and production managers. For assembly line work, production line quality control, packing, sorting, scanning to general helper work.

Production & manufacturing staff for temporary jobs with staff from abroad. You can request production & manufacturing staff at short notice. We reliably provide the right temporary workers from Eastern Europe.

Production & manufacturing personnel for long-term jobs. As a personnel service provider, we also place suitable workers from Eastern Europe in a wide range of industries directly with you for vacant positions.

Subcontractors from Eastern Europe give clients in Germany the opportunity to complete their projects on time and without delay. We place subcontractors for work in industry, construction, production, logistics. 

This is how the placement for production workers works

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