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Production helper in the automotive industry: vehicle construction and maintenance

Production assistants in the automotive industry are in high demand, especially in automotive manufacturing and vehicle maintenance. Due to the shortage of skilled workers in Germany, many vehicle production companies suffer from a lack of hard-working production helpers and manufacturing employees. Production assistants in the automotive industry are employed in manufacturing as well as in cleaning, transporting and storing goods and machines. Later on, production assistants can also be directly involved in production and control it or carry it out independently at the machine. 

Wir, Zeitarbeit International, vermitteln fleißige Produktionshelfer aus Osteuropa: aus Polen, Tschechien, Slowakei, Rumänien, Ungarn, Kroatien sowie aus der Ukraine. Wir sind Ihr starker Partner in den Bereichen Subunternehmer Vermittlung, Personalvermittlung, Arbeitnehmerüberlassung, Zeitarbeit aus Polen und Osteuropa. Zum einem vermitteln wir Top-Berufe aus Handwerk, Industrie oder Baugewerbe. Zum anderen bieten Ihnen Kosten-Komplettpaket ohne nachträgliche Überraschungen. Unsere Produktionshelfer sprechen Deutsch und können innerhalb von 7 Tagen am Einsatzort sein.

Production helper in the automotive industry - Activities

Unsere Produktionsmitarbeiter aus Osteuropa: Polen, Tschechien, Litauen, Ungarn, Kroatien etc. verfügen über Produktionserfahrung in der Automobilindustrie, Flexibilität, Belastbarkeit, gute Deutschkenntnisse. Sie sind bereit im 2-Schichtsystem zu arbeiten. Polnische und osteuropäische Produktionshelfer sind handwerklich geschickt und körperlich belastbar.

Production workers from Eastern Europe

Our production workers for the automotive industry from Eastern Europe are hard-working and resilient. In the automotive industry, they are mostly employed in the repair of cars or motorbikes, in the production of individual parts or in the maintenance of vehicles. Production workers from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and other EU countries are also placed in car dealerships, petrol stations or airport operations. Our workers from Poland and Eastern Europe have the necessary dexterity and technical understanding and often work on assembly lines with technical parts or on machines. 

Are you looking for production assistants for the automotive industry? Call us today! Thanks to our large network in Eastern Europe, we can quickly and easily place hard-working temporary workers or subcontractors production helpers. 

Production worker automotive industry

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Placement of helpers for the automotive industry - we recruit from Eastern Europe:

We, Zeitarbeit International, are your experienced personnel service provider when it comes to the placement of production workers from Eastern Europe. We are looking for motivated and committed German-speaking production assistants, production workers and production employees for the automotive industry. Due to the shortage of skilled workers in Germany, more and more car manufacturers and car makers are using the production worker placement service to recruit workers from Eastern Europe. We offer companies personnel placement for vehicle production & maintenance. We place reliable production workers for the automotive industry according to your individual requirements and ensure compliance with legal regulations, deadlines and agreements. Our services include organisational and administrative tasks as well as the necessary forms and permits.

Production & manufacturing staff for temporary jobs with staff from abroad. You can request production & manufacturing staff at short notice. We reliably provide the right temporary workers from Eastern Europe.

Production & manufacturing personnel for long-term jobs. As a personnel service provider, we also place suitable workers from Eastern Europe in a wide range of industries directly with you for vacant positions.

Subcontractors from Eastern Europe give clients in Germany the opportunity to complete their projects on time and without delay. We place subcontractors for work in industry, construction, production, logistics. 

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