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Zeitarbeit International, based in Slovakia, is your strong partner when it comes to labour from abroad or employees from Eastern Europe. We recruit skilled workers and reliable unskilled labour from Eastern Europe and other European countries, skilled workers and craftsmen from Europe. Is your company looking for skilled workers from abroad and Europe? We will be happy to help you. Benefit from our network and our experience when it comes to recruitment in Eastern Europe or skilled workers from abroad. Our trained and experienced recruiters will find the right personnel for your company.

Our customers trust our experience and our successful concept when it comes to recruiting tradespeople and skilled workers from all over Europe for their company. Contact our German-speaking team. We will be happy to discuss your requirements when it comes to filling your vacancies, regardless of whether you are looking for employees from Greece or Romania.</span

If required, we can also provide subcontractors from Europe with their own vehicles and tools and foremen who speak German and can also read plans. The advantage of subcontractors or contracted labour from Eastern Europe is obvious. Our team takes care of the accommodation and the necessary licences and papers so that your company is on the safe side.

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Advantages of labour recruitment from abroad

When it comes to the recruitment of skilled labour from Eastern Europe, you need an experienced business partner with expertise in personnel management and the right personnel concept. We also support you with complete specialist companies, subcontractors and freelancers who know their trade and are on hand to assist you with your projects.

No matter with which trade we can support your project, from the Industrial electrician from the Slovakia or Poland to the highly sought-after ventilation engineer from Lithuania or Romania. Our offices are happy to send you profiles of experienced candidates with good German or very good English skills.

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Specialist placement from almost all sectors:

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Zeitarbeit International supports you in all your concerns when it comes to providing staff from Eastern Europe or generally deploying personnel and employees from Europe. Slovakian and Czech skilled workers are very popular with our international industrial customers. This is because they work to German standards and have also completed high-quality training in Eastern Europe.

The topics electricians, electronic technicians, fitters, welders, fitters and heating engineers, ventilation engineers from Slovakia are highly valued by our customers throughout Europe. Our workers from Eastern Europe are goal-orientated, motivated and reliable.

In eastern Slovakia, there are still many craftsmen and skilled workers such as electricians or metalworkers from Slovakia who have been working in Germany or Austria for years. We are also interested in bricklayers, tilers, drywallers and painters as subcontractors from Slovakia, the Czech Republic or Hungary. We are happy to support your business or company from all trades. Whether trade, industry or labour from Eastern Europe - we are the key to our joint success.

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We, at Zeitarbeit International, are your reliable personnel service provider when it comes to subcontractors from Eastern Europe. Our temporary workers from Poland, Baltic States, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic , Bulgaria, Turkey as well as Ukraine we place individually according to your requirements and ensure compliance with legal regulations, deadlines and agreements. We take care of the organisation, licensing, contracts, transport and accommodation of subcontractors from Eastern Europe on site.

We are always looking for good entrepreneurs to work with us. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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You are welcome to request a reference list or find out more from our customers on site in Germany. We stand by you as a customer and build on mutual success. People are at the centre of everything we do and the customer is still king with us. A respectful and honest working relationship must be at the centre for all sides, then your success is also our gain.</span

We would be happy to develop a personnel concept for your company ranging from classic temporary employment from Poland or Eastern Europe to a service contract from the Czech Republic or a contract for work and services that is target-oriented and legally secure. In part, our employment contracts from Lithuania, Latvia are drawn up by our own lawyers or jointly by lawyers from our clients.

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