Industrial revolution: Why employees from Poland and Eastern Europe are the future of industrial services.

Industrial work is one of the most important economic drivers in Europe. More and more companies are choosing, Employees from PolandSlovakia and Eastern Europe to reduce costs and provide the most efficient workforce. In this blog we will take a closer look at the industrial services that Polish and Eastern European workers can provide. We will discuss which industries can benefit and the advantages of recruiting skilled workers from Poland and Eastern Europe.

Employees for industrial services from Poland and Eastern Europe.

When it comes to filling industrial services positions, Eastern Europe offers very good options. Polish and Eastern European employees have become an increasingly important resource for industry in recent years. They are highly qualified, cost-effective and have also shown a high commitment to the work.
These include WelderLocksmithSteel constructor,  FittersElectrician, assembly assistants and maintenance staff. These employees have in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and can easily respond to new technological developments. They are able to perform many tasks efficiently and effectively. In addition, Polish and Eastern European workers can adapt their skills to meet specific requirements of a variety of industries.
The employees from Poland and Eastern Europe are professional and eager to work. Their loyalty to the company is unquestionable. In addition, they usually speak several languages and can do a number of different tasks, which makes them even more flexible. The quality of their work is excellent, which can help to achieve cost savings, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.
Overall, hiring Polish and Eastern European employees for industry and industrial services offers great advantages - both for the company and for the employees themselves. With the right person on board, companies can drive their business forward while using skilled labour to reach their full potential.

Find employees for industrial services:

  • Request labour for industrial services, by phone or enquiry form
  • We search our Eastern European network for suitable candidates
  • We collect the necessary Documents from the candidates.
  • Transport of the workforce at the place of work. Already in 7 days they can be ready for use in Germany.

Industrial services

Find qualified employees for industry - with Zeitarbeit International

Zeitarbeit International places qualified professionals from abroad: Craftsmen from PolandCzech Republic, fitters and installers from Slovakia, Hungary and Turkey, Personnel from Eastern Europe for industrial services of all kinds:

  • Disassembly and reassembly of complete systems
  • Robot assembly
  • Stage, steel and shelf construction
  • Orbital welding technology
  • Conversion and maintenance of mechanical conveyor systems
  • Maintenance of presses and lifting equipment
  • Dismantling of supply lines
  • Implementation of industrial plants, equipment & machinery
  • Pipeline construction for media and plant supply
  • Plant assembly and dismantling
  • Air conditioning and ventilation technology
  • Electrical engineering & electrical installation

Are you looking for employees for industry: welders, locksmiths, electricians, fitters or assembly assistants? No matter what your company needs in terms of helping tradesmen, we will support you with your project from start to finish. Let us advise you without obligation and create a personal concept for your company. We love challenges and it is important to us to support you in every aspect of temporary workers, subcontractors, personnel placement from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and the Ukraine as well as Turkey. Just ask us! Our team is looking forward to your contact and within 7 days your employees will be on site.