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Recruitment in production: How to save time and nerves when looking for employees

Welcome to my blog on the topic of recruitment agencies in production! In this blog I will look at how recruiters can be used in production and the benefits they offer. I will also look at the challenges faced by recruiters in manufacturing and how to overcome them. In doing so, I will write from both the employer's and the employee's perspective and provide tips on how to find the right recruiter or become a successful recruiter yourself. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you and hope that you will find this blog informative and helpful.

Find recruiter production

You are looking for production workers or production helpers from Poland or Eastern Europe? And you want to hire a production recruiter for that? Then you've come to the right place! In this article you will learn everything you need to know about hiring production recruiters.

Hiring recruiters in production is one way to find qualified and competent staff. A recruiter can help you find the best candidate. He or she will take the time to examine all available candidates and select the one best suited to your needs. 

There are different types of production personnel. The most common are production assistants, production workers, production logistics personnel and manufacturing workers. Each has its own skills and strengths that need to be considered in the selection process.

Production helper vs. production worker

Production assistants usually do not have specific technical knowledge about the machines or tools they work with. They are more likely to help set up the workplace and perform basic tasks. 

Production workersare mostly specially trained workers from Eastern Europewith sound technical knowledge about machines and tools. They can perform the necessary work steps to successfully complete their tasks. Production employees ensure the final quality check of the finished product. They must work extremely thoroughly and carefully monitor every step of the process to avoid mistakes.


It is important that you define your requirements well and forward them to the right recruiter. This way you can be sure to find and hire qualified personnel who meet your requirements. So don't hesitate any longer and find the ideal candidate for your production with a professional recruiter!

Find production assistants - with us as a personnel service provider

We at Temporary Work International operate as a recruitment agency in manufacturing. We are responsible for supplying companies with qualified employees from Poland and Eastern Europe who work in production. This does not only involve skilled workers such as machine operators or toolmakers, but also production assistants, production workers and manufacturing employees.

Especially for these positions, it is important that applicants have a certain basic qualification. For example, they should have experience in working with machines or at least be skilled in their craft. A certain technical understanding is also an advantage. 

As a production recruitment agency, we make sure that the production workers from Poland and Eastern Europe meet these requirements. To do this, we intensively study the needs of our customers. What qualifications are needed? How big is the company and what structures are there?

Once you have answered these questions, you can search for suitable candidates. Contact us, we will help you find the right production assistants or production workers or skilled workers from abroad.

Personnel placement production - procedure

  • Tell us your personnel requirement - by phone or by enquiry form.
  • We search our internal database for fitting candidates who meet your criteria.
  • We collect the necessary documents from the candidates.

  • We organise the transport for the workers at the place of work. They can be ready for work in Germany in as little as 7 days.

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