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Why are personnel service providers indispensable for industry and production?

Welcome to our blog about staffing companies in industry and manufacturing! Our blog is meant to provide a basic understanding of the topic and provide readers with the necessary information. We will cover various aspects including the role of staffing companies in industry and manufacturing, their needs and requirements and possible solutions for them. Our aim is to give you an insight into this industry so that you can better decide what works best for you. 

Advantages of a personnel service provider for industry & production

As an employer in industry and production, you have certainly thought about hiring a recruitment agency or personnel service provider. The advantages are obvious: time and cost savings in the search for qualified workers as well as flexibility in terms of the number of employees.

A recruitment agency can help you find suitable skilled workers from Germany and abroad for your company. They will take care of the entire applicant selection process and only introduce you to candidates who meet your requirements. He also advises you on the contract negotiations and hiring of the new employee.

Find temporary or long-term workers quickly

If you need additional employees at short notice, the employee leasing is a good option. Here, a personnel service provider temporarily provides you with workers or temporary workers. This has the advantage that you can react quickly and easily to peaks in demand without having to go through lengthy recruitment processes.

A personnel service provider Production & Industry is also a good choice for long-term projects or permanent staffing. They take care of all administrative tasks such as payroll, social security contributions and holiday planning. This saves you time and resources and allows you to concentrate on the essentials: Your core business.

As a recruitment agency and service provider with a focus on industry and production, we, Temporary Employment International, have specialised in the placement of skilled workers. We know the requirements and needs of our customers and can respond specifically to their wishes. Contact us for a non-binding consultation!

We place personnel for industry & production

Production & Manufacturing

  • Production employee
  • Assembly line worker
  • Filler
  • Picker
  • Packer
  • Sorter
  • Production logistics
  • Stock & error checks
  • Storage work
  • Mounting
industrial engineers
Outsourcing Eastern Europe

Temporary Work International - Personnel Service Provider for Industry & Production

Are you looking for an industrial & manufacturing recruitment agency? At Temp Work International, we provide access to skilled industrial staff as well as production staff from Ukraine, Poland and Eastern Europe, supplying employees with the skills and experience you need. These employees are also known as external staff. They are employed on an agreed basis and can be used for short or long-term projects.

So there are many different options when it comes to finding qualified personnel in the production or industrial sector - whether it's a production staffing agency or another service such as employee leasing or recruitment. Which option is best depends on your specific needs, of course - but it's definitely worth checking out all the options thoroughly!

As an experienced personnel service provider for industry & production, we offer solutions for your specific needs. Whether it's temporary workers or subcontractors, we can help you find qualified candidates to meet your needs. We offer employee leasing, work contracts and direct placement of workers from Eastern Europe.