Photovoltaic system costs

Costs for a photovoltaic system

Solar systems are a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to generate energy. However, the cost of solar panels is often a barrier to implementing this technology. The cost of solar panels varies greatly depending on the type of system you need and where you buy it. The cheapest way to purchase a solar system is to build it yourself. However, this can be very time-consuming and usually requires some knowledge of electricity and solar power. If you don't have the time or interest to build it yourself, you can also buy a prefabricated system. This is usually the most expensive option, but can also be the easiest and most convenient. 

If you decide to buy a prefabricated solar system, there are a few factors that influence the price. These include:

  • The size of the facility: The larger the plant, the higher the price will be. 
  • The type of solar cells: These differ in efficiency and thus also in cost. Mono- or multicrystalline cells are somewhat more expensive than amorphous cells, but they are also more efficient. 
  • The location of the solar installation: If you want to install your system in a place where there is a lot of sunshine (for example on the roof), the price will be higher than in places with less sunshine (for example in the garden). The reason for this is that more solar energy is needed to generate the same amount of electricity.
  • Brand of the solar system is cost-driving: There are many different manufacturers of solar systems with different prices. It is therefore worth comparing different offers before you decide to buy.

The costs for a small system with an output of less than 10 kW are around 3000 euros. For a medium-sized system with an output of between 10 kW and 100 kW, the costs hit around 5000 euros per watt. A large plant with an output of over 100 kW can cost up to 10 000 euros per watt.

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Types of photovoltaic systems - cost factor!

Depending on the user's needs, there are different types of photovoltaic systems. The costs depend on the type of photovoltaic system.

  • Some systems can be connected to large buildings or Houses be connected to generate electricity from the sun.
  • Other systems can be mounted on fixing poles and should be placed in areas with a good sunlight input.
  • There is Portable photovoltaic systems. This system can be transported to any location and is ideal for people who do not have access to electricity grids or populate energy-poor areas due to limited resources. Portable photovoltaic systems are also ideal for outdoor activities and camping trips.
  • Hybrid photovoltaic systems: This system combines solar cells and wind energy in one component system and allows the user to generate energy from both sources simultaneously. Hybrid systems are extremely efficient and powerful and can help reduce the energy demand of the house or building. After all factors have been considered, one must look at what material to use for the installation.

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